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Slate(SM) from Chase Review

Chase really made a splash a couple months ago with their Blueprint payment program [3] and their headline card with that program was their Slate from Chase card [3], which replaced their Chase Platinum Card. I thought the Blueprint program was certainly an interesting take on the recent “responsible credit card use phenomenon [4]” that’s taken hold lately, so I wanted to take a closer look at their flagship card.

The Chase Slate card’s main selling point is that it is a no annual fee credit card that gives you access to the Blueprint suite of payment planning tools. Beyond the tools, the card also offers Balance transfers at 0% intro APR for 12 or 6 months* and purchases is 0% for See Terms*.

For those with debt, the Blueprint program and it’s full pay component, makes one good reason to join. With full pay, you can select certain categories to pay off each month and those category don’t accrue interest. If you carry a balance, those categories normally would, along with everything else, accrue interest.

For credit card holders that pay their balance each month, there’s no compelling reason for this card. All the features are intended for those with a balance and with no cash back offer, any cash back credit card [5] is better.

I’d ask for your thoughts on the card but it seems very straightforward as the card doesn’t have many bells and whistles beyond the Blueprint program. Am I missing anything?