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Cheap Landscaping Ideas

This article was made for my girlfriend and nothing is more accurate than the first sentence of this article about inexpensive landscaping tricks: “Dig out the Claritin.” We’ve been looking for ways to beautify the greenery around our townhome and my girlfriend did an excellent job of planting crocuses and other bulbs in the ground last fall, which are now beginning to bear fruit (so to speak). Well, unfortunately she hasn’t been able to really enjoy it because her allergies have been bothering her but hopefully with the recent rain and cooler temperatures, the allergens will be taking a little break. That being said, we’ve been researching ways to beautify our “backyard” and it’s been a challenge because it doesn’t get a lot of sun and this article was right up our alley.

The single most important thing to remember is “Aim for a multiyear project” and accept that what you do won’t be all done in a weekend. It’s requires some patience, of which I don’t think I have in much abundance, but when you’re talking about things that grow (sloooooowly) there’s not much you can do. If you focus on incrementally beautifying your foliage, you can save a little money and some sanity.

A tip I didn’t even think about was planting trees to help save on heating and cooling costs. Evergreen trees to the north and leafy green trees to the south. One will block wind and the other some sun and you’ll save somewhere in the neighborhood of 25% they claim. Remember, we’re talking trees here so it’ll take a few years for this to bear fruit.

Finally, good mulch is key and something you shouldn’t scrimp on because it can diminish the value you’ve just spent your hard earned money on. Planting some bulbs in malnourished dirt means you’ll get small sad flowers when you could’ve popped it in some good mulch and gotten more value out of it.

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