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Check Amazon.com Prices via Phone

FiveCentNickel [3] (a great personal finance blog, I suggest you visit it if you haven’t yet and definitely bookmark it) posted a great resource for all you bargain-hunters out there (well, bargain-hunters who buy books and CDs instead of borrow them from the library or friends) – it’s Amabuddy.com [4]. All you do is call their number at 617-712-3574, enter in the ISBN number (easy to find out if you have the book or CD, instructions on Amabuddy’s site), and then wait for the computerized voice to respond. They will tell you the title you chose, the average Amazon.com review rating, the list price, the Amazon.com and its lowest used price available. It then stores the data on the Amabuddy site so you can retrieve it later. This service is going to get a spot in my address book.