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Cingular/AT&T Wireless Just Lost A Customer

When I first got my cell phone about three years ago, I had a pretty rough experience with AT&T Wireless in which I had to call up and complain about three or four different times as they basically wrangled $50 out of my for phones that should’ve been free. Since then, since the service was decent and I was pretty lazy, we’ve never left AT&T Wireless as it went to Cingular and then back to AT&T Wireless (our phones still have the AT&T Wireless logo’s, the part that hasn’t rubbed off). In that time we’ve been using the same $60/mo family plan program for 550 minutes (plus 200 bonus minutes [3] just for asking) but it’s time for a change.

It’s time for a change because my phone is starting to die its slow painful death and the speaker is getting a little difficult to hear. So I went online to see what the upgrade would entail and the system told me that I would have to call in. I called in and discovered that not only were the free phones pieces of crap, but that I’d have to pay more for the same service, plus I’d really not get any preferential treatment because I’d been a long customer of them. It’s experiences like this that make regular consumers like me not care about being loyal to a company. It’s not a bad experience, it’s just that loyalty isn’t rewarded at AT&T Wireless so I’m not going to be loyal to them. (I can’t say I’m surprised)

Anyone have any recommendations?