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Citi 2G Credit Cards

Back in September I wrote about Dynamics Inc’s Card 2.0 [3] and their newest credit card technologies. It turns out that Citi will begin rolling out [4] some of these cards in what they call Citi 2G credit cards. The cards will likely be using the MultiAccount technology, where you can have two credit cards on one physical card, and Citi will let users pick if they want to pay with reward points or credit at the point of sale.

The cards will be the same size as current cards and contain a battery with a four-year lifespan, a smart chip, and the fancy buttons to let you pick how you want to pay. According to the NY Times article, it took “nearly a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.” A few select customers will be testing them and it’ll be launched more broadly in mid to late 2011. The 2G test cards will be available for the Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard and the Citi PremierPass Elite.