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Citi Cardholders May Get $100 Gas Cashback Certificate

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You know those $15 checks you get in the mail for Credit Protector? As I logged into a Citi account tonight, I was greeted with a juicy offer – a $100 Gas Cash-Back Certificate just for trying out the Credit Protector program, which is free for the first 30 days. The certificate will be mailed with the Credit Protector program membership information.

The link I was given was this link but I don’t know if that will work for everyone. If that link doesn’t give you the offer, try the Credit Protector homepage where you should see a banner for the $100 gas cash back certificate offer.

Offer expires 12/31/06 and cardholders are limited to just one certificate. This will dovetail nicely with the number of Citi cards offering $100 gift cards (like the Citi Professional).

This offer is just a little better than a $15 check huh?

FYI, the customer service number is 1-800-380-8556.

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18 Responses to “Citi Cardholders May Get $100 Gas Cashback Certificate”

  1. Jon says:

    Not available to residents of Alabama or Mississippi. Errrr.

  2. Nick says:

    I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip! But what exactly is a $100 gas cash-back certificate anyway? Is it something I can actually use at a gas station to get real gas? Like, $100 worth?

  3. Ben says:

    Citibank must be making a ton of money off of their Credit Protector Program if they are willing to give people $100 just to try it. Here is their agenda:

    1) Make it easy to borrow money at high interest rates
    2) Scare people into worrying about paying back the balance
    3) Charge consumers more money to “protect” them against missing debt payments

    I’d say Citibank is taking advantage of us, so why not take advantage of them? Apply for the program, and then cancel once the money is in hand. Just make sure you don’t forget to cancel in time!

  4. Dogberry says:

    Thanks! This will help with Christmas.

  5. Hawkmoon Nine says:

    Both my wife and I have Citicards (separate accounts), so I’m giving this a try on both accounts. Hopefully we can pocket $200 for 5 mins of work. Thanks for the tip!

  6. stan says:

    Does anybody here know the link to get the $100 gas cashback certificate from citi credit protector? because both links are not working.
    Thank you

  7. Michael says:

    Got my two the other day. Just mailed the first one w/ 5 receipts for the month, totaling $93.** so crossing my fingers!

  8. Mike says:

    I got an offer like this from Wells Fargo. Call this 1-800 number, listen to an insurance spiel, get $20.00 free gas, no purchase necessary. Long story short, never got the gas money. I mailed in the certificate later, called to inquire about it, and they said it was on its way. Never saw it.

  9. Lo says:

    Hi, thanks for the information. Do you have any idea if the receipts have to be received by 12/31/06? Or just the dates on the receipts have to be by 12/31/06? Thanks.

  10. jim says:

    Based on the terms of the certificate, it looks like you just have to send them before the 31st (not received by 31st).

  11. Lo says:

    Thanks jim! I’m gonna buy gas for everyone in my family now! Aren’t they so lucky!

  12. Lo says:

    Hi again, I finally received my Credit Protector “welcome package” with the $100 gas cashback certificate. Since I signed up so late in the year, mine actually says the expiration date is March 31, 2007 so people can still sign up for it. However, I read somewhere that they give you the $100 back in $20 increments each month. Did that happen to anyone? And I wasn’t sure if that was the case, I’d have to keep Credit Protector for 5 months. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.

  13. Melinda says:

    Don’t do it, this is a SCAM from Citi Bank.

    I received a solicitation call from them to try this program for free for 30 days. I was told I would receive the materials to review and would get a rebate coupon and I could cancel before the 30 days and wouldn’t be charged anything. Well, 30 days past and I thought nothing more of it. In fact, I forgot all about it since my materials and coupon NEVER arrived.

    Upon seeing the charge, I remembered all about it so called and stated that I never received the materials and wanted the charge refunded. “Sure” they said, “we’ll put in a credit adjustment and we’ll get those materials out to you right away”. 3 weeks later still nothing so I call again. I’m told the same thing. 2 weeks later still nothing and another charge has appeared. Yet again I call them and this time I cancel. Again they tell me that they are putting in for a credit adjustment and that they will invesigate, I’ll receive a letter within 7-10 days and the adjustment will show within 30 days.

    It’s now 30 days and still no letter or adjustment. I call them again and get passed around. Again I’m told that they will submit the credit adjustment and I explain that I’ve been told this 3 times before. “I understand maam, but this is all I can do”. So I ask to speak to the department that makes the adjustment. I’m told “sorry, they don’t have a number, but you can write them”. So I ask them to call the department. I’m told “sorry, we’re inbound only”. After more crap, I finally get some other number to call and have to explain everything again and once again, I’m told the same thing. I speak to the supervisor and am again told that all they can do is submit the credit adjustment. I explain that this how now been submitted 4 times and still nothing. Well of course they only have record of me only ever calling once about this, and the adjustments take 30 business days, not 30 calendar days – the first I’ve heard of this. Again, I explain that it’s been more than 30 business days since the first 3 times I called, but of course, according to their records, I’ve only called once.

    So I ask “in 2 weeks time when there has still been no adjustment and no letter, then what?” Of course I’m told I will receive communication. I know this won’t happen so I guess I need to schedule for myself to call them daily on this. I can imagine that they think I’ll forget or give up. But I won’t. Others have written of their similar experiences.

    Honestly, for $100 it’s NOT WORTH IT!

  14. Suspicious says:

    Have anyone actually got that $100 rebate? It says 4-6 weeks, but I mailed in my gas receipt on 02/05, haven’t got any something from them.

    • jim says:

      I received mine about 6 or 7 weeks after I mailed it, it does take a long time. I’d call them up and ask if I were you (and had half an hour to kill).

  15. Vovan says:

    Sometimes it takes up to 10 weeks – just be patient.

  16. Peter says:

    You can check the status of your rebate at Unfortunately, though, this deal is dead (they’re only offering a free DVD player now). For those who’ve already enrolled and have the certificate, they will still honor it so go ahead and mail it in.

  17. Helene Pecora says:

    I have received three 10.00 rebates for gas. I signed up for monitoring service for 6.95 a month and I was sent three coupons to send in along with receipt of gas purchased for July, august and Sept. I still have not received the 10.00 check from july, and I just mailed in August. I tried to track it on but it won’t come up on line. Can you help.

    thanks, a Customer of Citi Bank

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