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Citi CashReturns: 5% Cashback For 3 Months

This offer has expired.

Citi wants your business so badly that for their new Citi CashReturns card they’re giving you 5% cashback on all purchases for the first three months. The amazing part about this is that there is no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn each year, different than most Citi cards that carry a $300 annual cashback limit, so this offer is pretty amazing. You all probably remember how I feel about promotional cashback offers but this one is slightly different because the promotional offer applies for all purchases, not a subset of smaller purchases.

My recommendation? If you have any large upcoming purchases, apply and snatch up the quick 5% bonus and then keep the card as your backup as it earns a pedestrian 1% on purchases after the promotional period because of the no limit. For example, I may apply for and use this card the next time I sign up for classes because each semester costs me somewhere around $3000 – or $150 in bonuses. Since I get reimbursed for my classes, that’s a free $150 in my pocket.

Now, other than the first three months, this card is really nothing special unless you don’t currently have a 1% cashback card without an earnings limit (I have a Costco TrueEarnings card [3]). This card also has a 0% balance transfer offer but there is a 3% fee (boo!).

(Oh, another “nice to have but no one really cares” feature is that Citi automatically sends the checks when you reach $50, you don’t have the request it)