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Citi Credit Card Data Hacked

Last week, while I was away on vacation, I received a call from Citibank about my credit card. Since I wasn’t keeping up to date on the latest financial news and gossip, I wasn’t aware that Citi had been hacked [3]. Normally, when systems get hacked like this, I’ve dodged the bullet. This time, I wasn’t so lucky because my Citi mtvU card [4] was a victim, part of the lucky 1% of North American credit card holders. While on the phone with Citi, they agreed to ship out a new card to me as soon as possible, which is standard procedure.

What gets a little annoying is that replacing a card, especially one so intertwined in my financial network map [5] is time better spent elsewhere. This does, however, force me to update my map to reflect it’s current state – something I’d been too lazy to do. Thankfully, due to my desire to simplify our finances, the updated map has fewer lines on it. 🙂

What’s not cool is how Citi allegedly knew about the hack [6] for weeks before going public.