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Citi Credit Protector $100 Check Arrived

Just an update to those of you who had been asking me whether my $100 gasoline reimbursement check [3] had arrived from Citi Credit Protector – yes it has (today actually).

And in fact, if you want to check on the status of it at Rebate Status [4]. What’s funny is that I had been trying to check the status but since they keyed in my last name wrong (they transposed some letters in an obvious typo), it wasn’t showing up. My fiancée’s rebate status had been updated accurately and showed up as CP Email Gas Coupon ($100), mail date of February 1st.

At the time of the mailing (or within days of the mailing), I had already canceled Citi Credit Protector so I do not believe membership is necessary to be eligible for the promotion. My fiancée is still part of the Credit Protector program and working off their $50 promotion.

Gotta love them credit card insurance promotions!