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Citi mtvU Card Ending, Convert to Citi Forward Card

RIP Citi mtvU card. 🙁

If you’ve read Bargaineering for a while, you’ve probably read that I carry two credit cards – an American Express Costco TrueEarnings card [3] and a Citi mtvU card. I loved the Citi mtvU card because it offered 5% in ThankYou Rewards, which is slightly worse than cash, at restaurants and bookstores, which includes Amazon.com. It’s a card I’ve had for many years and, despite slightly better alternatives on the market, I’ve stuck with it because it was pretty good.

According to a letter I received from Citi, the Citi mtvU card will be retired effective April 13, 2012. It will be replaced with a Citi Forward Card with a similar set of features and bonuses, though the biggest ones are most beneficial to people carrying a balance. Here is what they said about what’s new and what will remain the same.

What’s New?

What stays the same?

It appears I’m getting a better card since the reward points structure appears to be the same plus I get 100 points each billing period instead of 25. What’s even better is that my account number will remain the same so the “new” card won’t actually be new, it’s a true conversion.

I look forward to the new card! (get it?)