Citi 0% Balance Transfer Process Walkthrough

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One of my friends recently applied for and was accepted for the Citi Platinum Select Card and wanted to get a 0% balance transfer so that she could pay off some home improvement loan debt a little faster than she would’ve. She almost went to a Bank of America ATM, armed with her new card and PIN, to withdraw all the money she needed before a few astute friends stopped her. Had she gone to an ATM, the withdrawal would’ve been classified as a cash advance, she would’ve missed out on the 0% balance transfer promotional rate and been socked with additional cash advance fees!

Anyway, since she needed to know how to initiate the balance transfer, I figured I’d write a brief tutorial walkthrough (complete with pictures) that explained everything in painful detail… that way I wouldn’t have explain it to anyone else, I could just send them this link. 🙂

One of the reasons why you want to initiate the balance transfer online is because you get to avoid waiting on hold and being forced to talk to a customer service representative. The second reason is that sometimes I’ve been told by a CSR, especially after being on hold, that they didn’t have the authority to send a balance transfer to a person, it had to be to an account. While this is a bunch of malarkey, I usually don’t have the time nor the inclination to argue about it, especially after thirty minutes of being on hold, so I just request it online.

Login to your Citi Account

First, remember your login and password from the application and login: Citi Cards. If you haven’t registered yet, you’ll need to do so before you can access your account online.

Initiate Balance Transfer Process Link

The link to start the balance transfer process is only moderately buried, just click on Manage My Account in the menu, then Balance Transfers, then Request a Transfer(s). I’ve circled it in red in the image below:

Location of Request Balance Transfer Link

Step 1: Balance Transfer Introduction Page
Not much information on this first screen, the first step in the process. Just click on the View Offers button to view what sort of balance transfer offers Citi has in store for you.

Step 2: Select a Balance Transfer Offer
If the application you filled out said you had a 0% Balance Transfer with no fees for 12 months, you should see one of those offers listed on this next page. Be sure to review all the values in the green boxes below to ensure they match what you should be getting. If they do, click on the Select Offer, circled in red below.

List of Balance Transfer Offers

Step 3: Read Terms and Conditions
Please thoroughly read the terms and conditions of your balance transfer before you select to accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Enter Account Information
If you have existing debt that you want paid off, this is the page where you want to enter in that sort of information. For most of us, you just want Citi to send you a check for the amount of the balance transfer. Simply scroll down until you see a box that looks like the image below and enter in the appropriate information.

Transfer Amount Entry

Step 5: Review The Balance Transfer Request Detail Summary
This is the last step before you actually submit your request and a check is cut in your name to your address. Again, verify the green boxes and double check that you are requesting the correct amount and that the fee is $0. I’d also double check that the address is correct (I blacked out my address, so look where you see that black box on your summary report).

Balance Transfer Request Detail Summary

I hope that walkthrough was sufficiently detailed, if you see anything wrong or need more clarifications, please leave a comment, thanks!

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5 Responses to “Citi 0% Balance Transfer Process Walkthrough”

  1. lamps says:

    Good post, but I have few questions in mind:

    1) When you request a BT offer, will the bank check your credit score, such that they will offer you different options?

    2) Is it really hard to get a Credit Card with 0% APR and NO FEE on BT?

    3) My Credit should be Excellent; however, I tried it once BT Offer on my Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card; didn’t get the 0% APR and NO FEE.

    4) I have no idea why they dun offer me that, should I just go apply another credit card?

    any suggestions?

  2. jim says:

    1) Whenever you apply for a credit card, the lender will check your credit. Once you have the card, they will not check your credit if you request a BT (to my knowledge).

    2) How hard that is depends on your credit but I compiled a list of 33 credit cards with 0% balance transfer offers (17 have no fee) and your best bet is to start there.

    3) Usually the 0% rate and the no fee provision is a teaser for new cardholders, you may have to apply for a new card to get it. Otherwise, excellent credit will usually only give you a decent rate with no fee at best.

    4) If you really want a 0% balance transfer without a fee and Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card isn’t offering it, I would have to say that you would need to apply for a different card to get a 0% rate. You’d have to compare the offer the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card is giving you to the drawbacks of applying for another card.

  3. Joe says:

    You forgot the 2nd half of the balance transfer money. What to do with the money when you get it and the pitfalls you may encounter when trying to pay it back.

  4. jim says:

    Joe – The only thing I’ve ever done is deposit the money into a high yield savings account where the principal is protected and I’ve never experienced any problems paying a balance transfer back. I don’t see how it would be any different than any balance at a credit card though.

  5. Sam says:

    I work for citi cards…. And if you call to check for a balance transferr and there are no offers on our acctount. We can request one to be put on the account… when that happens WE ARE REQUIRED TO TELL YOU A CREDIT CHECK MAY BE DONE. And it is very untrue that we cannot send a balance transfer check to the cardholder… We can and mot of the time we get commision for doing it, so im not sure why any rep would tell nyone no we cannot. The only thing we do not allow is to xfer a balance fro another citi account.

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