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Citi Simplicity® Credit Card Review

One of the latest credit cards to make a splash in the world of plastic transactions is the Citi Simplicity® card [3] [3]. With a long introductory period for the 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers [4] for 18 months, and no over the limit fees or late payment fees, Citi Simplicity® offers something unique in the credit card [5] universe.

While there are definite advantages to the Citi Simplicity® card, including no annual fee, it does not come with a rewards program. So, the card, while offering a lot to some individuals, is not the best choice for others. Here is a rundown of the new Citi Simplicity® credit card:

Citi Simplicity® Features

Just as the name suggests, the Citi Simplicity® credit card is fairly straightforward. There is no rewards program, so you won’t get bogged down in those types of details. Other features include:

Who is the Citi Simplicity® Credit Card For?

In most cases, the Citi Simplicity® card will benefit someone trying to pay down his or her debt. The card, with its 0% APR for 18 months, and its forgiving policy if you are late with a payment, offers a situation in which someone with credit card debt can make solid headway. The Citi Simplicity® card is ideal for someone living paycheck to paycheck, looking for a way to better his or her financial circumstances. Make on time payments, and use it as a way to slay your credit card debt, and the Citi Simplicity® credit card can be a helpful tool in improving your credit score [6].

On the other hand, someone with good credit already, and who doesn’t carry a balance, may not benefit as much from the Citi Simplicity®. If you are a super credit card user who likes to take advantage of rewards programs to get cash back, free travel and other perks, the Simplicity® card won’t fulfill your needs.