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About Clark Howard

Clark Howard is the first radio host on the Top Money Guru poll [3]. The Clark Howard Show is nationally syndicated personal finance advice show that not only talks about the basics of personal finance (spending less, saving more) but also delves into an area many personal finance experts don’t – how to avoid getting ripped off. The Clark Howard Show is syndicated on over two hundred radio stations so chances are you’ve heard him at least once in your life, even if you didn’t know his name (and his show is streamed online at his website from 1-3pm ET).

This profile is part of our Top Money Guru poll. For the next two weeks we’ll be highlighting ten personal finance experts for our first ever Top Money Guru poll – you can vote for your favorite guru here [3]. It takes less than a minute and you could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Poll ends June 10th.

While he is most well known for his radio show and television show, Clark Howard on HLN, I’m really glad he wrote Get Clark Smart [4], which rose to #6 on the New York Times bestseller list (so he could be included in our top money guru poll). In addition to Get Clark Smart, he’s written about half a dozen other books including another NYT bestseller Big Book of Bargains [5].

On Howard’s show, he takes calls and tries to help people through whatever problem their facing. If you can’t call in then, or can’t get through, you can always work with his Consumer Action Center [6] (called Team Clark Howard). The Consumer Action Center is staffed with volunteers who will help you absolutely free. It’s a great service and while I’ve never used it, I suspect many have with great success.

Guru Vitals:

You can find him on Twitter @ClarkHoward [7] or through his website ClarkHoward.com [8].

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