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CNN Money’s Top Ten Jobs

CNN Money produced a top fifty list of the Best Jobs in America and the esteemed position of ‘code monkey’ earned top honors this year. I think the most interesting thing to take away from this list is the wide variety of jobs on it. When you look at some of the other lists, such as the most lucrative college degrees [3], you see a lot of engineering and business degrees but not a lot of other vocations, it’s nice to see some other areas getting some love.

Anyway, the top ten list is (via CNN Money [4]):
1. Software Engineer
2. College professor
3. Financial adviser
4. Human Resources Manager
5. Physician assistant
6. Market research analyst
7. Computer IT analyst
8. Real Estate Appraiser
9. Pharmacist
10. Psychologist

Though, I think if I had a choice, I’d prefer to have this guy’s job [5].