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Coca-Cola Bottled Water For 28 Cents

In China, no one should drink water straight out of the tap (this isn’t like Montezuma’s revenge in Mexico where locals can drink it; no one can drink the tap in China because the pipes are so old and so cruddy it would be very dangerous) so every is forced to buy bottled water, unlike in most places in the United States. How much does bottled water cost in a place where it is truly a necessity? 28 cents max. It’s 2 RMB at your local 7-11 equivalent, and it’s even cheaper if you buy it in bulk. And it’s bottled by Coca-Cola too.

I don’t quite understand why people in the US are absolutely fascinated with drinking bottled water. Drinking water certainly won’t hurt, it’s definitely better than soda, but to shell out a couple bucks a bottle seems kind of crazy when you can just pick up a indestructible Nalgene bottle for five dollars and fill it up forever from your tap for essentially free. Perhaps my tastes aren’t discerning enough to enjoy the wonders that is bottled water (or I don’t really care about carrying a bottle as a status symbol).