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Coinstar Promo: $10 Amazon GC with $30 Count

Coinstar is a coin counting vending machine that usually takes a nice fat cut of the count but from 01 October until 04 November, when you count over $30 in coins and convert it into an Amazon gift certificate they will send you an additional $10 Amazon gift certificate via email.

You will need to keep the receipt of the count and mail it by 08 November to:

Coinstar GC Offer
PO Box 91258
Bellevue, WA 98009

If you don’t provide an email, the certificate will be sent via postal mail but I recommend providing an email because electronic is better (less opportunity for it to be lost). Also, if you aren’t sure if you have $30 in coins, head over to a bank and ask for thirty bucks in quarters or something.

I’ll probably be doing this sometime later tonight or tomorrow as I’ve been itching to trade in some coins so I can report back on what the form asks for. Incidentally, if you want to avoid the Coinstar fee you can always take it to a Chevy Chase bank to convert them for free (other banks offer this as well).