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Your Take: Is College Worth It?

After our recent series of interviews with college savings expert, I started to wonder about the value of college. It’s an issue we’ve discussed in the past [3] (verdict was yes… depending on what you studied of course! But we also had a Devil’s Advocate post explaining why college isn’t worth it [4].) but with college costs rising to nearly astronomical rates, it’s no longer automatic. The Economist [5], in 2010, looked at how a “PhD is often a waste of time.” in 2011, the New York Times’ David Segal looked at how law school was a losing game [6]. When people point to law school and PhDs as “not being worth it” then it calls into question the idea of higher education.

Looking back to my college years, I felt that college was worth it. I graduated, got a good job in the defense industry, and had I followed that track to its eventual conclusion, I’d say I would’ve had a successful professional career. Based on what I do now, I suspect my post-secondary education probably has a smaller impact but an impact nonetheless. There’s something to be said about academic adversity, even if it’s not fun to experience. 🙂

Do you think college is worth it?