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Comcast High Speed Internet & Cable Deals

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I’ve used Comcast for the last two years and have, on the whole, been satisfied with the service they’ve provided. My only complaint is that they’ve been really expensive and there hasn’t been much I’ve been able to do about it. You can get their high speed internet package for $20/month for six months but then it jumps to around $40 a month. The basic cable is about $50 a month with little wiggle room. Packaged together, basic digital cable and high speed internet comes out to $80 plus tax and service charged. That’s when I learned about the rebate games and the “Ditch the Dish” program which saved netted me a few hundred dollars in rebates, a free cable modem, and $25 off a month for 16 months.

Ridiculously Generous Rebates and FreebiesUpdated 6/8/08
It used to be that the various companies taking Comcast high speed internet and digital cable signups didn’t communicate so you could sign up to multiple rebates and have them all fulfilled. It’s still possible that they don’t communicate but people have been having problems lately. Below I’ve listed the best (highest dollar rebates) for the high speed internet signups.

  1. Triple Play – Comcast just improved their ComcastSpecial offer by replacing a broadband internet only rebate offer with a ‘triple play’ that includes broadband internet, cable television, and digital voice telephone with up to $325 back in rebates:
    1. Comcast High Speed Internet Deal – The standard $19.99/month for six months offer plus, $150 CASH, a D-Link DCM-202 Cable modem (may not be this unit), a wireless router, and no contract required! Getting your own modem will save you $3 per month.
    2. Comcast Cable Television Deal – While the rate you’ll pay isn’t disclosed (starts at $39.99/mo), you’ll get a $75 statement credit which is as good as money in the bank just for signing up!
    3. Comcast Digital Voice – A flat monthly rate, $100 cashback and your first month free. I use a cell phone as my primary phone so I’ve never used Comcast for this service.
  2. Dell and Staples Rebates – I originally listed a couple rebates from Dell and Staples but they’ve since expired and haven’t been replaced, so I’ve removed the links.

“Ditch the Dish” Program
In their constant battle with DirectTV and similar satellite cable providers, Comcast has implemented the “Ditch the Dish” campaign. Basically you sign up for service, turn in your satellite dish or cable box, and you receive $25 off your bill for the first sixteen months. Details of the program are here (The page says New England but it’s a national program). If you don’t have a dish and don’t know anyone who is getting rid of one, try Craigslist or Ebay. A cable box on Ebay can be purchased for around $15. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and the guy coming to do the installation won’t even take the box with him (installations are contracted out to local companies).

Extending the $19.99/month plan past 6 months
Threaten to quit. Usually they’ll extend it, if they don’t then hang up and try again later. Eventually a customer service rep will give it to you.

Avoid Installation Fee
Get the self-installation kit, it’s some coaxial cable and a cable modem, and hook up the stuff yourself. They’ll charge you $35 to do it for you, a complete waste of money.

If you are looking for high speed internet and cable deals but don’t have Comcast (or hate them), Broadband National (who runs the listed below) has the capability to search for all sorts of providers including Time Warner, Qwest, AT&T, Covad, and many more providers.

There are more offers out there if you poke around at other sites but they come and go month to month. Office Depot, Office Max, and a few other places usually offer deals that allow you to double or triple dip. The most bang for your buck is the Comcastoffers free cable modem offer because it’s worth the $90 for the modem but also $3 each month so it’s “worth” $126. You may be able to find free after rebate cable modems though, so then the Staples $105 back is the best deal. Regardless, always do the “Ditch the Dish” promotion! Good luck!

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43 Responses to “Comcast High Speed Internet & Cable Deals”

  1. Jose says:

    I recently ditched Verizon DSL in favor of Comcast.
    Got tired of the slow speeds on Verizon.
    Satisfied now with Comcast.

  2. bob says:

    I have verizon DSL for 29.95/month with 3.0 MB download and 768 upload….it’s great!

  3. nickel says:

    I’ve had a terrible time getting a discount out of Comcast. All of the calls in my area go to a local call center, and they just won’t budge no matter what I say. They keep claiming that the only deals that they have are for new subscribers, and that they can’t offer them to existing customers. I finally called their bluff on internet service and switched to BellSouth DSL. Much to my surprise, they let me cancel without lifting a finger to try and retain me.

    • Linda says:

      All you need to do is speek to the customer retention department. I live on a fixed income and I don’t bother to speek to any other department or person. They will help

      • DebraJoy says:

        Linda is Correct!in my experience.
        That “customer retention or customer loyalty” department is ALWAYS gotten ~ by pressing the prompt to “downgrade service” or “end service”. The folks that are There are ready to hear that you are opting out ~ and Ready to OFFER you something better ~ to Stay. (like another 6 month promotional)

  4. Dawn says:

    Alrighty- try the chatrooms for discounts too- chatroom link

    Also when you call 1/888-266-2278 keep trying, the discounts are there, it’s the agents that aren’t always in the know about what they are. Also try the disco option as well, the “save team” might help.
    Just a little inside info. 😉

  5. Gilgamish says:

    I have had comcast for the last four years, through two moves. Those rebates are only offered to new subscribers. Sometimes, depending on who you talk to, they may get extended, but often times not.

    Me and a few co-workers conducted an experiment, threatening to cancel our Cable service if we didn’t receive a rebate.(two of us were males and the other co-worker is a female).

    The female co-worker was able to extend her rebates and deals for another 3 years, whereas me and the other guy, had our bluffs called everytime.

    So currently I am a satellite dish subscriber and soon DSL.

  6. Walter Nelson says:

    Currently have Satelite service with Dish TV 4 recievers.
    Currently have Comcast internet service.
    Currently have Verizion service for my telephone.

    Want to consolidate my TV, Telephone and Internet into one service with Comcast.
    I am a returning Comcast TV customer. Want to keep my telephone number xxx-xxx-0112.
    Do I need a converter for my LG HDTV with built in reciever and credit card slot?
    Walter Nelson

    (Edit: Walter, I removed your telephone number, I don’t want your number getting on some list because of htis site)

  7. Cleona25 says:

    Hi There, I am moving into a new apt by the end of this month and my new complex gives you the option of having a satellite dish or Comcast cable. I’ve been with Dish Network for about 2 yrs now and with Bellsouth DSL. I am not satisfied with Bellsouth and their services. I am trying to find the best way to save money with my move. I’ve heard on the radio previously that Comcast gives you $400 for turning in your dish to them..Has anyone heard of that before? I can’t seem to find anything about the offer online. I live in the Metro-Atlanta area and maybe it’s a local offer. I am looking for digital cable service + DSL. If anyone has any suggestions for me, I honestly and truly would appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!!!

  8. jim says:

    Cleona25 – The $400 you’ve heard about is the Ditch the Dish promotion that I wrote about above.

  9. Matt says:

    I had Comcast back in the days when I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be living in the same place long enough to sign a DSL contract. The one (ONE! ONLY ONE!!!) virtue of Comcast was that they’d turn you on (kinda sorta) right away, and then turn you off again without penalty when you told them you were moving.

    But in 18 months of service at three different locations, I had MAYBE five weeks during which I had connectivity on all seven days. Quality of service was terrible. And unlike with DSL, they refused to provide credit when their service was down for weeks on end and successions of repair techs were unable to diagnose or fix the problem.

    Never again!

  10. ~Dawn says:

    Another Note:
    If you rebate falls through and you went through the comcastoffers or sites, you would want to call them about the rebate, not comcast. These people are affiliates for Comcast and many times offer things that Comcast does not.

  11. Adamflynn says:

    I can relate to Gilgamish’s comment, I have been a comcast customer for 4 years, and have watched the rates climb, 2 years ago I went on disability.
    now on a fixed income, I had gotten on a 6 month prmo when my area upgraded to digital Basic, well the 6 months ran out and my bill more than doubled, I complained and was basically told too bad so sad. I switched to Dish and Dsl, a month after switching comcast called me and offered me what I now call “The 6 Month Trap” again, when I told tham i had aquired other services I was asked why I left them, I explained my situation and that with current services I waqs now paying less than i would be in thier 6 month trap he said if I had called and explained my situation they would have lowered my price, I told him i did and if that is the case they had better learn how to communicate with thier different offices.
    there will always be some kind of pricewar going on, look at gas prices now, until we as the people who are forced to pay stupidly inflated prices take some kind of stand and do somthing about it together I can see no end to it in sight.

    (steps off soapbox) apoliges, I tend to get carried away somtimes.

    • Nlessnights says:

      But you are so correct is what you say. Collectively we are the power in the U.S. but we tend to think of ourselves in a solitary way and powerless.

  12. S. Adamson says: is a scam. I got a modem rebate form from them and they started playing me all around by including a requirement that I should purchased the cable between 02/01/07 to 03/01’07 when they have been running the promotion since January 2007. I feel real cheated and that’s why I’m considering ditching my comcast cable this month no matter what.

    • Tommy says: , bridgevine (or whatever it is called) , etc. All of these sites/Rebate centers for comcast make it EXTREMELY difficult for you to get your rebate back. This is how they operate to make a profit – they get a certain amount from comcast to sign people up and pay them a flat rate per customer – so it’s in the rebate companies best interest to have people not get their refund, hope they won’t ask for it, try and give people the run around, etc. to hope for as litle people as possible getting the rebate so the rebate company can pocket the difference – I’ve dealt with them many times. You can get your rebates back, but it takes persistence and requires you to keep very detailed instructions in order for you to get your rebate.

      -Make sure you write down ALL confirmation #’s and names and times of people that you talk to
      -Save all email coorospondences
      -Keep all comcast reciepts, installation checklists, paperwork, etc. from both the rebate company and comcast #
      -Find the website for the company who is giving the rebate and download all forms for submitting the rebate
      -Ensure you keep any packing slips, UPC codes off of boxes, etc. from cable modems/dsl modems, etc. from equipment you obtain
      -Mail in your rebate offer promptly (basically as soon as you get/pay your first bill), make sure that you keep a copy of everything you mail in (or keep the originals and mail in copies whereever you can)
      -Keep checking back to the website and/or call in to the rebate center after about 3-4 weeks to check the status of your rebate to ensure its being processed
      -If you do not see it being processed, or the website or rebate people cannot find any record of your submission then start the processes of having them re-take your information for the submission
      -Repeat re-submission process until someone/website acknolodges your rebate submission
      -Keep checking status of rebate until it is processed and check is mailed to you (or)
      -If, after everything is said and done, they give you some lame excuse that you didn’t submit everything, insist that you did, and it was their fault, not yours, and give them the info once again
      -After jumping through all of these hoops, you should be able to get our refund.

  13. himani says:

    comcast has a very poor service…..infact very bad. i was about to take their service as a new customer for high speed internet and they have scheduled my appointment for wednesday. i take a leave from my work that day but to my surprise nobody came. i even called them several times but they don’t have any reason to not to come there infact they can’t give proper answer to me….so i cancelled my servvice and switched to verizon….so you really need to think before being new customer to comcast and personally i think verizon is very good than comcast

  14. peteike says:

    I just went through the cancel service prompts through the phone and got my service extended 6 more months. Meaning I got my cable for $33 and my internet for $33 for 6 more months through comcast. First the woman attempted to offer me only one of the two but I continued to complain and say I had to cancel and she didnt seem to want to to deal with me so she just offered both at $33. I thought I would have to go the supervisor route and really lay into them but to my surprise I didnt have to. I used to work in a call center for years, and it usually takes asking for the supervisor to get anywhere, so do that if you have to during your call. You dont have to be rude, although that can help at times, but just demand to speak to supervisor and complain away and you can usually get what you want as long as youre within reason. Dont give up without speaking to supe, if that fails then maybe try to call at a different time. Hope this works for you, these 6 month contracts are so lame.

  15. Neil says:

    The Comcast Special is a scam! A year ago I signed up using a link from the internet claiming a $300 rebate for singing up for the tripple play deal. After several phone calls and letters they were unable to locate my information, even though that’s the website I singed up from. Comcast does not take any responsibility from any affiliates who advertise from them. If you are going to sign up for Comcast, you minds well sign up through Comcast not other sites who claim to pay you to sign up. You won’t get paid! I do know know how Comcast Special continues to advertise and rip of thousands of people.

  16. gadget says:

    I’ve posted this on another site, but it seemed to fit here, too:

    DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on this topic. I have not researched it beyond my personal experience with Comcast and Comcast rebate companies. I am expressing my personal opinions and inferences on what is going on.

    I also applied for the Comcast rebate, qualifying for the $250 Triple Play rebate. It is now over 8 months since I sent my rebate in, following up twice now, and am still exchanging calls trying to get my rebate fulfilled. I am a savvy rebate person and keep meticulous records when it comes to submitting information and tracking phone calls. I have submitted hundreds of rebates in my life. I understand that companies who use rebates count on lazy, forgetful, busy people to drop the ball by failing to submit proper paperwork or by not following up on slow or missing rebate refunds. And some companies even have you jump through a hoop or two. But, the system that Comcast supports is so ludicrous that I am certain that it DOES qualify as a scam and am certain that at some point they will have to own up to it.

    For those of you considering signing up for Comcast, here’s how the rebate works (or doesn’t work!): When you submit a rebate through Comcast and it never shows up, you call Comcast only to find out they have nothing to do with it. They refer you to some other company or website that is responsible for the rebate. So, you contact that company. There are many, five that I’ve noted so far. That company fails to send your rebate within the original time, usually some extremely long wait time to begin with like 10-14 weeks. When you call to follow up, they deny your account for a while, put you on hold and transfer you in circles. Then, they come up with some excuse why your claim has not been processed and promise they will resolve within another extended period. For me, it was another 45 days, which is ridiculous. The appropriate response by a reasonable business should be, “I apologize for the oversight. I’m following up on this personally and will have a check out to you for the rebate amount by the end of the day.” Anyway, the 45 days comes and goes and you follow up again to start the whole run around with phone calls only to find out they need to talk to a supervisor and need another week to find out what happened to your rebate. Well, that’s where I’m at now, so I don’t even know how it ends.

    The reason it is not a typical drag-your-heels-until-the-consumer-gives-up rebate system is two-fold. First, Comcast washes their hands of any responsibility to pay the rebate by using third party contractors for the rebate processing, but often this is confusing and unclear to the consumer. But, it’s not until the rebate fails to show up that Comcast discloses to you that the rebate is through a third party. This is ridiculous because in the end it’s a COMCAST rebate. They need to honor the rebate by at least offering a credit to an account if the Rebate Company THEY HIRED is not doing their job paying rebates in a timely manner or at all. Second, the third parties are not just dragging their heels processing rebates hoping people will lose interest. They are simply not paying the rebates. They are rejecting rebates that meet all their requirements or are indefinitely giving the run around. 8 months is not a reasonable time to send a refund (and again, I still haven’t received it). That’s what makes it a scam. I told the woman on the phone today after she said she could only tell me that a rebate was sent–she couldn’t tell me when, where or in what form it was sent. She didn’t know where my rebate was and why I had not received it to date. I told her that I’ve heard this all before 3 months ago the last time I called. So I told her either this is the most poorly run business in the history of mankind with no ability to track accounts, deliver as promised, resolve disputes, and communicate or it is a scam.

    I’m very disappointed since I have always been happy with Comcast as a business and service provider. I don’t know how they can support these rebate companies and leave their customers high and dry. I am personally looking in to a class action suit and hope that someone is able to motivate a firm to look more deeply into this issue to punish Comcast for being part of this scandal year after year and punish these companies for illegal and irresponsible business practices.

    So, bottom line, if you’re going to sign up for Comcast and plan to use the rebates, track everything! Make sure you understand clearly who is handling your rebate processing. Get phone numbers, emails, website addresses at that time. Follow rebate instructions perfectly. Copy all documents you send in and get a return receipt when you mail it to prove when they received your documents. Put the far end due date of the rebate on your calendar. Call as soon as it’s overdue. Get names of anyone you talk with. Get all phone numbers of any place you are transferred to and give them your phone number first in case you are disconnected. Ask for a manager. Get any reference numbers–check numbers, rebate numbers, resolution numbers. Each branch will ask you for some internal reference number and act like you should be aware of this. Don’t give up. They can’t legally hold your rebate money. And, finally, make Comcast accountable. Let them know they should honor the rebate because it it THEIR rebate! Maybe eventually they will stop using this method and start respecting their customers. I wonder if these companies may even be under the control of Comcast. Best of luck to you.

  17. C. Platt says:

    I cancelled my Comcast cable and internet service this weekend, and feel great about the decision. My internet started at 19.99 a month, then jumped to 40 plus in the last two months. My cable (with dvr and hd) had gone from about 70 when I started to 110 this month.

    So I bought an antenna, installed it in my attic, and ran it to my HDTV. The picture quality for the major channels (and 2 pbs channels) is actually better than comcast. And it’s free. In total, I have 18 free channels. I found that most evenings, I tend to watch one of the major networks, and then a Seinfeld or Simpsons rerun – all of which should be free in the first place.

    Free TV is not like you remember! The channels are broadcast in digital now, and are simply brilliant (with just a mediocre $40 antennna).

    Unless you plan on watching many, many hours of true cable tv each month (like cnn or comedy channel or something), and not very much of the free t.v. – you should CANCEL your cable or satellite.

    I foresee a backlash as more people realize the great deal free really is. It’s like the 1970’s are returning – only now you have more channels, and they look better.

    Do it! Cancel your cable.

  18. stormy says:

    I signed up for comcast promised a $100 gas or grocery rebate if form located at was submitted with first bill. This website was a blank page. So I call the 800 number and they refer me to 888comcast who refers me to another website that, turns out, only tracks your rebate status. I am highly offended that they feel I have nothing better to do than hang on the phone with them.

  19. stormy says:

    I have contacted Comcast again and they now tell me I am not qualified for the $100 rebate since I signed up online and not at a retail outlet. Actually told me I must have told their operator I purchased at a retail outlet. WHAT? I knew nothing about the rebate, they told me I qualified for it! These people reek! Good thing there’s no contract I’m bowing out!

  20. Jeffery says:

    This is just a comment for those who say they had their bluff called when they threatened to cancel. It may have something to do with the way you presented yourself. I don’t work in the cable industry, but I do work in finance for a furniture company. There are ALOT of things I can do to help a customer, but whether or not I choose to be helpful (it isn’t always necessary) depends on how they speak to me.

    You may want to try a more humble approach with comcast. Try an approach like, “After my promotion expires I am just not sure it’s a good deal anymore. I am thinking of switching to a more affordable company.” It would help if you mention another current promotion so they know you are serious. I doubt you will get far if you call and say “If you don’t give me a better deal Im going to cancel!”

    • james says:

      you’re absolutley correct. Don’t call in with an attitude, I’ve gotten so many deals/breaks by just being cool with the person on other side…

  21. Comcast worst customer-me says:

    I have had comcast both phone and internet (like 6gigs) for the past two years-still on the promotion price. Guess what I managed to stay on promotion from a total of 50 dollars a month and then later brought it down to 40 dollars a month. I also managed to do install free for internet in two floors in my house all for free. I have probable spent just over 400 dollars and have saved over 2500 including free equipment installation and the promotion I call and keep extending for a year at a time. Comcast reps are suckers.

    • Mitch says:

      I did the same for almost 2 years until I got the bundle deal. One time they gave me the internet $20 off for six months, another time I got $15 off for a year. Then I repeated the 6 month deal again. You will have more levage if you get the 3 bundle deal.

  22. Mitch says:

    With UVerse coming into my area , I wanted to see if I could get a better deal on my Comcast bundle. I called their sales dept and was told that since I’m a current customer I didnt qualify for this deals. So I called the cancellation dept and boy was I suprised. I got their $99 a month bundle, plus free HBO (for 2 yrs)and free DVR for 6 months. I had to sign a 2 year aggreement , but was only too happy to sign it with that deal. Plus I wanted to upgrade my HD basic to classic. They let me do it for $14.99 a month, something they wouldnt let me do in the past with their bundle pkge. I also got them to give me a basic phine line for my fax (with unlimited long long distance for $10 a month. UVerse can’t touch that deal as they offer their 3.0 internet in most pkges while Comcast has the 6.0

    • RD says:


      We’re non-HD Comcast Customers…our 3 service bill was scheduled to go from $85 to $157 by January, and then $180 in May. I tried your approach by going to the downgrade/termination option in Comcast’s phone system. The gal would not offer me anything like you were offered. But oddly she kept whittling away our bill $5 at a time…she seemed intent on keeping us in the same services we currently had. She claimed $115/mo was the lowest she could go (after coming down from her initial $130/mo). I settled with the $115/mo as I was tired of feeling like a beggar…we have less services for more money than you have…for 6 months, but no contract. It is clearly a ruse that they can offer only certain promotions. At Comcast, being one of their customers is “pre-existing condition” for which they do not look favorably upon. Go figure. Verizon triple play may be in our near term future.

      • Mitch says:

        The trick is….ask for the cancellation dept….no other dept has access to more deals. The normal sales dept can’t give you the best deals. I’m still enjoying my $99 a month deal plus free HBO for 2 years.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have been waiting 5 months for my $100.00 rebate!!

  24. cynthia grubbs says:


  25. El Cheapo says:

    I am waiting for a set up guru to fix up my entertainment center. His coment (after our LOSS of many channels on a brand new TV):

    New TV + cable Internet connection = live stream TV (@ $0). Anybody else do this yet?

    Can you say “buh bye Comcast TV cable!” ?

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