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Comcast Triple Play Deals Are Getting More Aggressive

The other day, as I was leaving our house, I saw a rolled up Comcast flyer on my door. When I unrolled it, I saw that Comcast was offering high speed internet and cable television for $89.99. That’s about the same base price as Verizon FiOS [3], so it wasn’t terribly appealing. As I threw the paper behind my door, we were already on our way out, the guy who left it there was next door and he started talking to me. As he gave me his pitch, the most amazing part about their offer wasn’t the price, it was how Comcast was willing to pay any early termination fees, up to $200, I would be subject to by breaking my contract with Verizon. That’s certainly a first, I’ve never heard of that, but that’s nothing compared to the offers they currently have running online.

A few years ago I signed up with Comcast, they were basically the only game in town that offered both cable television and high speed internet, and compiled a list of their high speed internet and cable television deals [4]. Back then I took advantage of the ditch the dish program (I did it three times, twice with the same box because they didn’t actually take it), rocked multiple rebates from various office supply stores, and otherwise had a grand ole time. Since then, all those promotions are gone but the fattest of them all, from ComcastSpecial.com [5], is still around and now $50 fatter.

ComcastSpecial.com [5] is run by Comcast and their offer includes some pretty fat cash rebates. For their standard $99/mo Triple Play of Internet/Television/Phone, you can get a free wireless router after rebate and $250 cashback. Their Double Play of Internet and Television yields a $225 rebate and a $66/mo rate. Just standalone internet will get you $150, free wireless router and cable modem, plus a $19.99/mo rate for 6 months. It basically gives you free internet for six months (there is no mention of a contract in the promotional details).

If you want to see what they offer in your area, visit ComcastSpecial.com [5], put in your info and use a throwaway email from Guerrilla Mail [6].

With the guys walking around our neighborhood, it looks like the cash rebates ComcastSpecial is offering online is simply being used to cover early termination fees. One thing not being mentioned by those salespeople is the fact that Comcast has been known to compress their HD signals [7] and they just announced a bandwidth cap [8]. Booo! Remove those two and you might have my business (or offer a ridiculously cheaper service, you’re just on par right now), until then you’re just going to be my bargaining chip!