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Community Supported Agriculture: More Green Stuff

We took our second delivery today from One Straw Farm, the farm supplying the produce in our CSA (or however you describe that relationship), and this one consisted entirely of green stuff.

This week’s haul:

Last week, we had a little box of strawberries to break up the green-ness of our loot. This week, it’s all green, all the time and it’ll result in a lot of salads.

Garlic Scape Pesto

On the recommendation of a lot of people (thanks!), we decided to take last week’s scapes and turn it into pesto. The recipe is pretty simple (we modified this recipe [3], replacing some ingredients):

We haven’t used it yet, we plan on putting it on some salmon and roasting it to fine deliciousness.

Stuff I’ve Never Eaten

Last week, there were three things I’d never had before – garlic scapes and the two chards. This week we add a few more. After the week is done, I’ll have tried mustard greens and collard greens for the first time. I’m happy to report that I enjoyed the chards. The rainbow we just cooked in some garlic and olive oil while the Swiss chard made its way into chicken and corn enchiladas, replacing spinach in our recipe.

I was really hoping for some more kale and broccoli, my two favorites, but I won’t know if I like mustard or collard greens until I try them! As always, any ideas are greatly appreciated.