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Consumerist Kit – Becoming A More Savvy Customer

The Consumerist [3] is a great site. I’m not saying that because they’ve linked to me a few (I think) times, I’m saying it because if you want to hear the miserable experiences of consumers like you… go there first. I read about the west coast Jiffy Lube scam there first. I read about the AOL Retention nightmare at the Consumerist first too. And that Comcast CSR who fell asleep and then started asking the customer out multiple times? Yeah, saw that at the Consumerist first too.

But, the Consumerist isn’t about enjoying the misery of others because if you look in their aptly titled Consumerist Kid category [4] then you’ll see great articles like a HOWTO: Complain [5], HOWTO: Return Everything [6], and HOWTO: Become a Rebate Whore [7]. These are useful tidbits that will make you a more savvy customer. Those companies collect “best practices” (if AOL doesn’t actually cancel an account when they say they will cancel you then you can’t actually cancel, see how great that strategy works? How are they losing customers?) so think of them as a best practices for the good guys. 🙂