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Converting Old European Currency to New Euros

Can you believe the euro has been around for almost eight years? I didn’t realize it’s been that long until I read a Bankrate question about options for converting old European currency [3] (there aren’t many). That page referenced a University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business page that has anything and everything you could possible want to know about the Euro conversion [4], from a timeline to conversion rates to the Maastricht criteria, the criteria a country must meet to be eligible to convert to the euro.

The big lesson I learned was that the conversion rate from the old legacy currency to the euro is fixed forever and that you may have a deadline on converting notes and coins. For example, you can no longer convert the coinage of Belgium, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Portugal. There’s also a deadline on converting paper currency from Greece, France, Netherlands, Portugal, and Finland.

Here’s are the deadlines (includes ones for the recent additions):

To trade in your currency, you’ll need to go to a bank in that country and do so before the deadline or they just become collectible souvenirs!

(Photo: vizzzual-dot-com [5])