Costco New Membership Promotion

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Costco SignIf you’ve been waiting for a Costco new member promotion before you join, today is your lucky day because Costco has announced their latest new membership promotion. Between now and June 30th, 2010, you can receive 2 months free when you join Costco. New Executive Members also get a $10 cash card on top of the two extra months. You can order your membership online here.

If you’re an existing member like me, you can get in on the fun too. Sign up for automatic membership renewal with an AMEX card and you get two extra months too. Call 1-877-258-6032. We use the AMEX Costco card.

New Executive Membership Promo

If you sign up for a new Executive Membership, you will receive 2 months free and a $10 Costco Cash Card (no expiration). This is in addition to an annual 2% reward on most Costco purchases, up to a $500 reward. Order the new membership and put in SelectsEX as the coupon code.

The Executive Membership normally costs $100 for 12 months, or around $8.33 a month. With the $10 cash card and 2 bonus months, the actual cost of the Executive Membership drops to $6.43 a month.

New Gold Star Membership Promo

If you sign up for a new Gold Star Membership, you will receive 2 months of membership free. Order the new membership and put in SelectsGS as the coupon code.

The Gold Star Membership normally costs $50 for 12 months, or around $4.17 a month. With two extra months, the monthly cost drops to a mere $3.57.

Is Executive Membership Worth It?

We upgraded our membership from Gold Star to Executive last year and it offers up several tangible benefits. First, you get to shop at Costco an hour early, which means you avoid longer lines. Plus, when you go in during that early hour, they put out pastries and coffee!

The 2% reward is where it matters. Executive costs $50 more than Gold Star, so you need to spend at least $2,500 to break even. That’s $208.33 a month. it’s a harder choice.

Lastly, Costco participates in co-branded partnerships, like the Costco/Capital One InterestPlus savings account, where Executive members get bonuses. I see those as icing on the cake if the 2% reward makes Executive membership a smart move. (if you need more convincing, here are five lesser known perks of Costco Membership)

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32 Responses to “Costco New Membership Promotion”

  1. tom says:

    The best kept secret at Costco is their Executive Membership… here’s why:

    Even if you do not spend enough to cover the extra $50 in membership fees, Costco will reimburse you for the difference.

    So, let’s say you only spent $1,000 and are only getting $20 in cash back. Costco will reimburse you $30 to cover the rest of your membership fee.

    The Exective membership is really win-win for everyone.

    • jsbrendog says:

      wow. is this really true? it seems almost too good to be true….

    • Pat says:

      How do you get that? It is not published anywhere that they will refund your money. Since I only got a 18 rebate I would like to get the rest back. Your right, it is a secret.

  2. Yana says:

    I’ve heard good things about Costco, but I still don’t get why anyone would want to pay a fee for the privilege of shopping in a store – especially if one has to buy large quantities/bulk.

    • Jim says:

      You pay a fee but you save on purchases, not everything is in enormous quantities.

    • Ryan says:

      We joined just for our honeymoon trip to Hawaii. They have really good travel deals with added incentives for members that you can’t get elsewhere.

      Jim, I don’t see the $8.33 being a huge deal breaker for those looking at Costco membership compared to how much money is spent shopping there.

      • Jim says:

        I don’t see it either but I felt the math was necessary given the frugal nature of the post.

      • jsbrendog says:

        yeah my uncle rented his car through costco when he went to florida and the price was like $100 for a week. unreal.

    • cubiclegeoff says:

      There can be significant benefits. The reason I don’t go is because their inventory changes often (so you can’t expect to find the same products one week from the next), and they only take debit, cash, check and amex.

      • Ryan says:

        Lol..they ONLY take debit, cash, check, and amex? You should be grocery shopping with cash/debit in the first place.

        • cubiclegeoff says:

          I use credit for the rewards. Cash is a hassle and debit is more risky.

          • jsbrendog says:

            so get the amex blue cash card or something like that. it is a free amex and gives rewards. boom. problems solved.

      • Jim says:

        How often have you gone? Their inventory doesn’t change for many staple goods, like food. All the seasonal products change with the seasons, so you won’t find winter coats there right now but you will find bathing suits.

        • cubiclegeoff says:

          I haven’t gone in a while, but when I did go, I often was frustrated when I wanted certain things (like beer) and they wouldn’t carry the same brand consistently. Fresh foods and meats probably don’t change much.

    • govenar says:

      The good return policy is a big reason people shop there (though for electronics it’s not as good as it used to be).

  3. martha says:

    The rates for online savings and CD’s at Capital One for Costco members is not correct.

    Can you please verify.

  4. Marc A says:

    I am a long time Business Costco member. Some years ago I checked their pricing on Auto Insurance and found they offered more coverage for less. I check rates with others every 6 months and so far no one has been able to beat the price or the amount of coverage. Plus my dealings with the Insurance Co have been very positive. With Executive Membership I also get more Insurance perks plus the other advantages of this type of membership.

  5. echidnina says:

    Nice post, sadly there’s no Costcos in our area… My community is ruled by Sam’s Club.

  6. billsnider says:

    I have been a member for many years. It is debatable whether it pays for me.

    The reason for my membership is not all for savings. They offer certain products that i like such as their cakes/pies, party cakes (low price – great quality), meats (particularly for parties), unique goods and just an interesting place to shop. I have also bought large items at a good price.

    Bill Snider

    • jsbrendog says:

      when i was a kid we would get the trays of muffins, the double choc chip, blueberry and corn i guess. oh man i would join just for the ability to buy them again. sooo freakin delicious

  7. eric says:

    Uuu nice deal..I’m going to pass it on to some people I know will be interested.

  8. Lynn says:

    In order to get the deal, you need to purchase the membership with an American Express card. Sounds to me like AMEX is funding the deal. Not a problem if you already have the card. Not so good if you don’t (like me).

    • Yana says:

      Good point Lynn. I wasn’t really paying attention to that part, but I don’t use credit cards at all and don’t have that one. Clever marketing partnership, I suppose, encouraging the use of credit and a specific card.

      I don’t have Costco or WalMart where I live, but there is currently a big battle going on about building one of them. The city has kept WalMart out for years. WalMart used to be in cahoots with a Chase credit card, but it didn’t seem to me that you had to get it in order to get the benefits of shopping in that store. And of course you don’t have to pay a membership fee to be a WalMart shopper. WalMart’s commercials about organic produce from local farmers have caught my attention, and given a choice about which store to have in my city, I would now choose WalMart.

  9. zapeta says:

    Thank you for posting this! We were considering joining Costco soon.

  10. Shirley says:

    Thanks, Jim! You have helped make my decision. Maybe you should get a referal reward? 😉

  11. Phil says:

    Hi Jim. Have you considered the Amex Costco card? There is no annual fee as long as you are a Gold Costco member. It pays 3% on gas/restaurants, 2% on travel, and 1% back on everything else including Costco purchases. So Executive only starts paying off if you spend more than $5000 annually. I am happy with my Gold and Amex combo and always turn down the persistent come-ons to upgrade to Executive.

  12. PK says:

    Okay I want to sign up for this and get a Costco TrueEarnings Amex card too. However, it seems to be a chicken and egg scenario. To get the promotion use an Amex card, to get an Amex card please enter your Costco membership number…what to do?

  13. FlyFisher says:

    As soon as I get out of college and get some income rolling in a costco membership and a TrueEarnings Amex card are on the to do list. I think I will use the membership enough to cover the $50 (or less with a promo deal) a year, and the TrueEarnings card seems the best out there for those not spending a lot (blue cash card)

  14. Anonymous says:

    your page is old. possible update?

  15. Mimi James says:

    They sell the coffee beans and yet some stores do not have the access to the coffee grinder. My little coffee grinder is small tha it takes a while to grind the coffee beans. I hate grinding a small portion of coffee beans.

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