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Costco Prorated Tread Rebate Program

On a trip into Baltimore this Labor Day, I hit something on the road (never saw it so it must not have been too big) that punctured my rear passenger tire. I brought it into Costco thinking I could repair it but, alas, it was not to be. So, I ordered myself a whole new set of tires to the tune of approximately $550 after taxes. Five hundred dollars sounds like a lot but these tires aren’t your standard tires (they’re 215 widths, for starters) but $550 was a decent price for them after taxes… but there’s a better reason to go with Costco: prorated tread rebate.

One of the best benefits of buying tires from Costco is their prorated tread rebate benefit. If you buy your tires from Costco, they will refund you the value of the tread remaining on the tire when you go in to replace them! All told I had about 43% of the total tread remaining so I was refunded 43% of the total value of the tires, which was close to two hundred dollars! Granted, that two hundred dollars was already mine, but that means I don’t “lose” the value of the tread when I replace the tires – a definite win there.

Now you might ask, why did you replace the other tires when you still had 43% tread left? Convenience and because I don’t lose any money because of the prorated tread rebate. If they didn’t offer the tread rebate, I would’ve kept the two old tires and only bought two new ones, but since they did … I went with four new tires.

There are other reason why I buy my tires from Costco [3] but that prorated tread thing is pretty freaking sweet.