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Costco Tire Warranty: Repair, Rebalance, Rotate – $0.00

I’ve written in the past about why I purchase my tires from Costco [3] and today I was able to use their great tire warranty. A co-worker pointed out that I had a nail embedded in my tire via a business card note around the middle of the week and so today I brought my tire in for repair. The center opened at 9:30 and when I arrived at 9:20, there were already a dozen people ahead of me in line. The perfect storm of a tire promotion ($60 off a set of 4 tires) and, well, the impending actual snow storm meant that everyone was going to get their work done today. By noon, they had stopped accepting any new work!

Today, I had the all the tires checked for pressure, had them balanced and rotated, had the front passenger tire deflated and re-inflated with nitrogen to match his brothers (when I had the rim replaced, the autoshop could only inflate with regular air), and the nail puncture repaired on the rear passenger tire. Final cost: $0.00. Now, all that wouldn’t have cost much at all but it’s always nice to get service for free.