Costco’s Incredible Return Policy

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I know a lot of folks love Costco, I’m one of them. Did you know that their return policy permits you to return ANYTHING (except computers) with or without the receipt whenever you want as long as you still have the same membership. If you bought a pair of pants, as I did, and found that you didn’t really like them but tossed the receipt already… no fear, just go back and they have it all on record. Yes, I bought these pants two months ago and had been meaning to return them for two months. You can also use this as a (semi-free) extended warranty – buy a TV or DVD player and if/when it stops working after four or five years, just return it! The only exception to this rule is a computer purchase and that return period expires after six months.

Update: Costco recently amended their return policy. Televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, iPOD / MP3 players and cellular phones can only be returned within 90 days of purchase.

Don’t believe me? My friend David bought a mattress from Costco and emailed them to find out their return policy on mattresses. In short, he could return at any time, at no cost, to a store or arrange with customer service for pickup if you can’t get it to the store because of size and weight. Pretty sweet.

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749 Responses to “Costco’s Incredible Return Policy”

  1. Ipod User says:

    I bought my ipod touch 2nd gen on the 15 of feb. 2008 now the sleep and wake button is stuck can i buy a ipod and put the broken one in the package and return it?

    • Sueann says:

      YOU REALLY MUST THINK THE PEOPLE AT COSTCO ARE STUPID! TAKE THAT CRAP TO KMART. #1 The serial number will be checked #2 YOUR shopping history will be verified and commented and more importantly MY favorite. #3 Loss Prevention will be called in for “theft by deception”

      • Ipod User says:

        Sueann u r not smart

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually Sueann is not stupid. She is quite right, and as a Costco employee who has worked in membership and done returns for members. that is in fact what we do. Verify under the membership and if it is within a reasonable time period (or for electronics, within 90 days), and then make the return….we will only document under a membership if something is really fishy.

          • Sueann says:

            Tell them Anonymous! They WILL BE tracked down AND banned from returns and in some rare occassions, some membership cards have been revoked and refunded. If the people only READ the application fee it states it. And beware scammers, as soon as you are told NO to something the phone is picked up and other local Costco’s are alerted to your decription and theiving ways.

          • Innocent. says:

            My father-in-law and husband weren’t happy that their Costco accounts being blocked because of my excessive returns.
            It is unfair to them. It is not their fault How do I fix it ?

      • Mrknowldge says:

        Sueann is the only person on here that makes any sense. What she says is true and “PROVEN” I will admit I was one of those customers that would get a new computer every 4 or 5 months before their policy changed at costco. Until my 27th computer when I was approached by the manager of the store and told me I was abusing their policy. He stated that there was no way 26 computers could have gone bad. I told him that I wasn’t returning the computers because they were broken I would clearly state when returning the computer that I was no longer satisfied with the product as the reason for the return. But it didn’t cut it I was banned from returning computers from that point forward. However little after that the policy changed to 90 days So I would like to get credit for that change Anyhow I now purchase my electronics (T.Vs Laptops and Computers) through Costco because of Great low price PLUS I NOW use my AMERICAN EXPRESS 3-YEAR CONCIERGE Warranty and “ZERO” Cost Plus I get 3% cash Back at end of Year!!! I LOVE COSTCO AND SUEANN You are doing a FABOLOUS JOB on this site.

        • Sueann says:

          Why THANK YOU very much Mrknowldge! I try to give honest feedback here to prevent people from embarrasment. I’ll admit it, I’m a Costco Junkie BUT like all stores Costco has it’s flaws and one of them is such a liberal return policy to a fault. I can never get over the fact the crap people pull and ABUSE. Costco is generous and people still want more,more,and more. Notice how they had to resort to the electronic return policy change. People should not mistake their kindness for weakness. Just be honest and Costco will give you the world. Mark my words…a change to the refund policy is coming SOON!!!! Their refund employees are snoopdogs and can/will track out the scum of the earth….lol

        • Puzzle says:

          Did Costco block your account since you have excessive return ? Any chance to unblock it.

    • annonymous bousch says:

      HAHA you shouldn’t have spilled ambiguous sticky liquids on it then.

    • peter says:

      no because the ipod has a serial number on the back and they check dont try they will proboly sue

    • Jenna says:

      Certainly would not hurt you any to go into Costo with the broken device and your receipt – I have never had them turn me away – we purchased a $1200 Toshiba TV at Costco and it got a green line down the right side of the screen – we went in and they gave us a gift card for the full value of the TV to purchase another or $1200 of anything we wanted. They won’t give you cash but they will give you store credit. I buy all my electronics at Costco. LOVE THEIR Return Policy. Don’t return the broken device with a new receipt – maybe you could do that with a toaster or an alarm clock but not am iPod with the serial numbers and all your data synced with iTunes.

    • matt says:

      Nope just bring it back and you youll get your money back

  2. Ipod User says:

    it was from costco

    • aline says:

      Go for it! i bought there pc six month ago and now its not working. There are really rude i never saw that kind of bad service. Ill do the same buy a new one and return an old one.They will never know!!!And if they do so what????

  3. Tom says:

    This Costco return policy is like a lifetime warranty. If you are bored with the product, if the product breaks, or if you want a free upgrade. Just return the product!!

    • Sueann says:


      • Naomi says:

        he haid *like* a lifetime warranty…he didn’t say that it WAS a lifetime warranty

        • Sueann says:

          Saying “like” a life time is still the same in their minds as having a life time. Everyone just get the words “life time” returns out of your heads. It’s NOT happening. It’s more like returns “within” reason.

  4. john l. says:

    Yes, you can return products at anytime but buyers beware, it is still at the store location manager discretion despite the costco policy states “We will refund your membership fee in full at any time if you are dissatisfied.” Does “anytime” means 5 years from now? I live in vegas and we have 3 stores. 2 of the stores will return your product no quastions ask. The Henderson store in vegas are a bunch of pain in the $#%% where they questions you before even considered. I recently return 2 Aero bed bought 2 years ago, one open , one unopen. bThey said they will only take back the unopen one. I spent 1 hour complaining to the damn manager because he’s thinking I’m cheating the system before he decided to refund me the money.. Am i cheating the system?

    • Sueann says:

      Why do you have an unopened box from 2 years ago???? I personally would have opened and verified it wasn’t a switched product. 2 years for a used airbed is reasonable. Try taking that back ANYWHERE ELSE! They won’t even look at you after 90days. Now if you shop alot and do not do many returns then and depending how long you’ve been a member, then yessss I would have taken it back for you.

  5. James says:

    It’s people like you that are running corporations out of business. All you fuckers care about is saving a damn dollar.

    • Cynthia says:

      Hey John I-

      Who peed in your Corn Flakes today?

      Consumers want to save money and Corporations want to make money. The Consumers do not make the return policy the Corporation do.

      Lighten UP!!!!

      • Bobby says:

        No the corporation does not make the return policy it is the stores. Corporations only have to adhere to it is beyond ridiculous what some people will do does anyone have morals anymore. Sam obvisouly you do not.

        • M says:


          Rules are made to broken properly. Hell, the more rules that are made create the complexity necessary for the consumer to capitalize by sliding through the cracks…Survival of the fittest and it sounds like you don’t have the street smarts to make it or the know-how to keep us away from your company.

          I send my best,


  6. Sam says:

    I went to Costco to return a computer I bought in 2000. I told them it was too slow. After arguing with them for half an hour they finally agreed to refund my money.

    I told them not so fast, I want my money refunded + interest + credit card fees + credit card interest + money I spent on gas to drive to the store when I bought the computer + money I spent on gas to drive to the store when I returned the computer. They thought I was crazy! Just like Costco to cheat hard working folks out of money! I refuse to shop at Costco because of their “Lifetime warranty, No Lifetime warranty” scam.

    • Sueann says:

      Sam you are THE EXACT PERSON that should have your picture with O/ right through it posted at the door. It’s people like you that “rent” Costco merchandise in turn causes increased prices. I would have been more than happy to give you a refund…of your membership fee that is…hahaha. AND…YOU NEVER SAW ANYTHING THAT SAID “LIFETIME WARRANTY” You did the company a favor by NOT shopping at Costco anylonger…lol

      • Pen Island says:

        Sueann, I think you need to have your sarcasm meter recalibrated. Also have that stick removed from your posterior while you’re at it.

        • jeff says:

          You need to be spaded with Sam…..Maybe you can get a 2 for one deal at Wal-mart…..and then demand your money back because a scar was left.

        • Sueann says:

          OOOOO…I might like that! This is REALITY BABY, no sarcasm. You want to be a scammer aka thief then you treated like one. In time your lies, scamming ways will land you in jail and lets see who gets what rammed up their posterior….lololololol

        • Sueann says:

          Sam is PRIME example of a lier! No WAY NO HOW did Costco take that 10 yr computer back. Go to BJ’s with that lie.

    • Someone says:

      Are you crazy?

      No seriously–are you crazy?

      Its one thing to have your money refunded for a faulty product–but only a total nut job would demand interst, credicard fees, and compensation for gas. Especially on a computer that was a decade old–I’m not sure if you know this, but technology advances by leaps and bounds everyday–a compute that is 10 years old is going to be slow–its obsolete! I never would have refunded your money–just buy a new computer, its about time Get a freakin’ life.

    • jeff says:

      Sam, You are a greedy idiot. you need to be spaded on order to wipe that gene pool clean.

    • olli says:

      how did u do it? i was there for a 3 hours and the manager was rude and made me cried!!!!

    • Emily says:

      I don’t believe this is real. I think someone made up this story for shock factor. There’s no way anyone could be so ignorant (not to mention center-of-the-universe syndrome) and I don’t think Costco would agree to refund a 10 year old computer. If it’s real, you’re a real looser, Sam.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re an idiot…… Nothing says lifetime warranty.. It’s to your satisfaction…thanks to people like you the return policy is going to have to change again

  7. john l says:

    I bought 2 Aero bed but used only 1 of them. I never have problems with other locations stores in Vegas except for the Henderson store. I returned items before that were 4 years old worth over $400 with no problems from other locations. The damn Aero bed was $100 and the Henderson store gave me problems. They told me that sales and returns are tracked and I’m at the negatives at the location…now I know not to go to the Henderson store again.

    • Sueann says:

      Guess what John I, even if you went to a Costco in NY with that Aerobed, your sales/returns are recorded so they would see your negative activity in NY as well! AND they would question why most of your shopping is in 1 warehouse and you want to return an old product in another….lol Can’t cheat the system but so long…lol So…WHY ARE YOUR SALES IN THE NEGATIVE??? Huh,huh? Returning more than you purchased??? That’s a job for the LP department to investigate…lol

  8. Brandon says:

    I bought a vizio tv in march 2007 and I missed the policy by 15 days from it. Can costco just exchange it for a diffrent tv since I don’t want a refund just a exchange for it. I never return anything to costco but will they just exhange?

    • Sueann says:

      Brandon, call it what you want but you are STILL returning the TV. There is NO SUCH THING as an exchange when there is a 90day return policy. Think…you want to EXCHANGE for another tv…which meansssss YOU ARE RETURNING IT TO GET ANOTHER. EXCHANGE DENIED!

    • jane says:

      Brandon So did I and Vizio sucks as well as Costco now TV was 2 years 4 months old and the screen is gone and they will do nothing

  9. Brandon says:

    I just found my receipt and I guess I purchase the tv in April 2007, Can I exchange my tv still?

    • Sueann says:

      Receipt no Receipt…NO R-E-T-U-R-N. But I will tell you this. The warehouse manager MAY make exception PROVIDED you do not have a high return rate in electronics/how long you have been a member/and how much you spend. They MAY give you a ONE TIME exception based on those factors.

      • Mrknowldge says:

        Sueann is the only person on here that makes any sense. What she says is true and “PROVEN” I will admit I was one of those customers that would get a new computer every 4 or 5 months before their policy changed at costco. Until my 27th computer when I was approached by the manager of the store and told me I was abusing their policy. He stated that there was no way 26 computers could have gone bad. I told him that I wasn’t returning the computers because they were broken I would clearly state when returning the computer that I was no longer satisfied with the product as the reason for the return. But it didn’t cut it I was banned from returning computers from that point forward. However little after that the policy changed to 90 days So I would like to get credit for that change 🙂 Anyhow I now purchase my electronics (T.Vs Laptops and Computers) through Costco because of Great low price PLUS I NOW use my AMERICAN EXPRESS 3-YEAR CONCIERGE Warranty and “ZERO” Cost Plus I get 3% cash Back at end of Year!!! I LOVE COSTCO AND SUEANN You are doing a FABOLOUS JOB on this site.

  10. Brandon says:

    Also I Live In California.

  11. funone1233 says:

    Sam – you ought to be slapped!! – You are the reason they had to change the return policy – People like you who always seem to think they are “owed” something – Abusing the system!!Electronics are out of date as soon as you buy them, you should have been embarrassed to even take that back after that long!

    #1 They should have charged YOU depreciation on the computer.
    #2 Do you ask for a refund for gas when you go to the grocery store to make a purchase? NO- so why would you expect that from them?
    #2 Credit Card fees and interest are YOUR fault – if you were so concerned with this perhaps you shouldn’t have bought the item.

    Agreed… you did them and the rest of Costco’s customer’s a favor by not shopping there!

  12. james says:

    I just called Costco on the phone and ask about return policy for a chair I bought 3 years ago.
    And heard my chair is too old for return.
    Guess I was too much exciting about the great costco return policy.
    I should throw out this chair it really hurt my back….
    I never return anything before. I have been their Executive member for over 4 years.

    • Sueann says:

      James after 3 years you are just noticing the chair hurts your back? Anyway, if you have been an Executive for over 4 years with no negative comments in your account or no high return history, I would take it back for you. But, it depends on the manager. Go about it professionally and nice.

      • james says:

        Hi Sueann.

        Yes. I have been their Executive member for over 4 years and never return anything before.
        I would take it back for you. -> Are you working at Costco? I live in Canada Vancouver.
        Maybe In Canada Costco return policy is different? I am bad at talking as well. Hahah dont know what to do.

        • Sueann says:

          The return policy should be the same across the board regardless of where you are. Just call and ask for the warehouse manager and explain your situation. Give them your membership #. Like I said before, if you don’t have any negative comments in your account they “should” return the chair for you. As a word of advice, don’t go in with guns blazing. Just be honest and calm.

    • jeff says:

      Whats going on here….What a bunch of CHEAP whiny slimeballs. Your the type that walks away from his mortgage because “My house has stopped making me money while I sit on my fat @#$!”

  13. Ramon Pelon says:

    Here’s the Costco satisfaction guarantee, and why I will always shop Costco:

    We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund. The following must be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund: televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, iPOD / MP3 players and cellular phones.

    In 2005 I bought a Vizio TV for $1,000. At that time, TVs were not under the 90-day return policy. 18 months later, 6 months out of warranty, the LCD started streaking a large vertical black line. Vizio quoted $800 for parts plus labor. By then, the same size Vizio TV was $800!. Ridiculous. I contacted Costco first to verify, and was given a full refund.

    I immediately used the cash to buy a $1,500 Sony TV. Similar story: after the 12 month warranty, the TV would turn on, but no picture. By this time, Costco had changed their TV return policy. BUT — because I bought it before the policy changed, I got the same 100% satisfaction treatment I always get. All my money back, used to buy a new TV. Luckily, this TV has lasted so far.

    Remember when your parents’ TV lasted your whole lifetime? That’s the way it should be.

    Next, I bought a $400 Magellan GPS unit. 16 months later, still going strong, until I tried to install the Magellan provided software update. It bricked the unit, and Magellan caused it! Contacting Magellan got me nowhere, but Costco saved the day. When I explained what happened and demonstrated it didn’t work, they refunded my money.

    Twice I returned those automatic garbage cans to Costco, nearly 12 months later, because the cheap plastic gears broke under normal use. It’s ridiculous that I should have to pay $50 each year for a breakable garbage can. Costco again saved the day and kept me satisfied!

    It’s not a lifetime guarantee, it’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But I save the boxes anyway, for anything that I think might fail prematurely, and I don’t feel guilty at all about claiming my member benefits.

    • jane says:

      you must know someone cause i had a BAD Vizio that was unrepairable at the age of 2 years 4 months and COSTCO basically told me to pound rock salt…..Do not know how you do it…Wish I were as lucky

      • Sueann says:

        Jane, Ramon got his full refund because his TV’s were purchased PRIOR to the change of the return policy. Now you have 90day for a full refund and after that you get FREE 2 years warranty for FREE repair at Costco’s expense. NO ONE else in the industry can compare to that. You own the TV after 30days if purchased anywhere else AND you pay a restocking fee! Word of advice. Pay your electronic purchases in full with American Express because they give you 1 year free warranty after Costco’s warranty runs out.

  14. john l says:

    Why should returning anything be consider negative? This is not a criminal record here. It just an isolated store (Henderson) in vegas where we get a bunch of grumpy management. We have 2-3 other stores in vegas where they don’t care and let you return with no question asks.

  15. Fed Up says:

    I just hate it when I see members coming into the exit door to wait on line with 2 rolls of toilet paper left out of 30, and the uy that comes back with a tenth of a cake and says it didn’t taste good. I don’t mind the “late” returns on mechanical items and even some electronics because you may get a “lemon”, but c’mon now. I saw a guy bring back 4 flat beds of bushes(yes Costco sells bushes) that were completely dead. WATER THEM. Christmas trees brought back-member said I bought it about a year ago. B.S.- he bought it in September of 2001. People like this realyy get me going. Aero bed guy….cuttin it close, but I would give it the OK.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What about a usb record player? Would that count as something under the 90 days rule?

  17. Pepe says:

    I bought a vizio 32″ tv from Costco on may 2009, the manufacturer’s warranty expired 2 months ago. Anyway, three days ago the tv started to give me problems, it would turn on but can only hear the sound, the screen was
    Blank. It has happened about 5 times already. Yesterday I was watching it and it went blank all of a sudden. Will I have any success returning it? I have never return anything before, by the way I paid fir it with my Amex from Costco

  18. KittyGlitter says:


    Thanks for your thoughts on the various returns. I tend to agree with you in your thinking.. it must be nice to say the things to customers here that you could never say at work.

    I’m a single Mom.. recently left a big house and moved myself and 2 kids to a small apt. I bought the Eureka Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum due to the compact size and Eureka reputation. It just tanked tonight after 8 mos. I bought it at a business Costco nearby. I have an exec. acct. and think I have returned maybe 1 or 2 items in the past 12 years. I certainly hope that they will take a return on it with no box. Obviously, the box is long gone.


    • Sueann says:

      Yes, you can return the vaccum. Just make sure you have all of the attachments. (((((empty the dust cup please))))))….lol

  19. YeSsSs says:

    If you are having problems with your TV or computer; which are both under the 90 day return policy, Costco will offer their CONCEIERE program which will help you with problems that you may experience. Sometimes if you’ve contacted the CONCEIERE program and it doesn’t help, someone might even come out to try and fix it for you. Did you guys know? If you pay in full for TV, computers, ipod, and cameras with your American Express credit card, American Express will extend your warranty for 1 whole year? I have a friend who bought a TV from Costco. They were transporting it to their new house a few months later and it fell outta the truck and broke- Amex replaced it at no cost. Tell me this isn’t awesome?

  20. mich says:

    one question
    I bought an ipod today and I’ve already synced it to my computer so everything’s on it however the home button seems to be stuck which i hadn’t noticed. Can i return it even though its been synced? and how would I go about returning it?

    • Sueann says:

      You can return the IPOD. Make sure you have the original headphones, USB cable and the little adapter or whatever that white plastic thing is called…lol Since you just purchased it, make sure you bring the box and manual. You have 90day to return it reqardless of what’s wrong EXCEPT a broken/cracked/water damage screen.

  21. Dave says:

    I bought a couch with a recliner in it about 4 years ago. the recliner just broke. can I return it?

    • Vince says:


      Most likely you will not be able to return the recliner. 4 years would be considered normal wear and tear and most likely denied. It would be at the warehouse manager’s discretion. If it was purchased online, then it would be denied.

  22. Javier says:

    Wen did costco change their return policy? Just wondering because my vizio tv lost picture and sound 🙁 got it at Costco in 2007

  23. mich says:

    returned my ipod yesterday! thanks guys!
    btw for future reference if anyone else wants to do this..
    keep everything
    and return it as soon as possible i returned it three days after I purchased it but they went through everything as expected, keep it in perfect shape!

  24. john says:

    so i bought a sharp 32in tv there about 10 years ago when they didnt change the return policy. do you think i can get a full refund on the item via the 100% guarentee?

  25. Raquel says:

    I bought a deep fryer in 2002. I pulled it out & it didn’t get hot. I’ve only used it a handful of times. I still have the reciept (I save ’em all). I planned on just selling it at a yard sale, but after reading this site, I’m wondering if Costco would return the item?

    • KittyGlitter says:

      That was 8 years ago.. doesn’t that bother your conscience a bit? Just curious. Garage sale it, or donate it. Some kid will enjoy making french fries, I know I did!

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