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Craziest Foods Sold On eBay

When I heard that two enterprising sisters were had sold a cornflake shaped like the state of Illinois, I was curious about some of the other crazy foods people have sold. The first that popped into my mind was the infamous piece of toast with the face of the Virgin Mary, purchased by Canadian-run, Antigua-based GoldenPalace.com Casino in 2004, but there are many many others (GoldenPalace has bought a ton of them). The requirements in order to make the list are only that it’s an “original,” so not a spinoff of an existing idea unless a significant amount of time has passed, and it had to have sold for a relatively significant amount. What’s significant when a cornflake costs a fraction of a cent? Well in that case, $1,350 is.

So, if you’re looking for some ideas as to how to make a few extra bucks, hopefully this list will provide some inspiration! And a word of advice, eBay forbids the selling of food (probably for good reason) but you can get around that by selling a coupon for food or billing it as something else other than “food.” (calling it ‘not for consumption’ or an ‘artifact’ or whatever)

Virgin Mary Toast: $28k

Probably the most publicized eBay auction for a piece of food was this little gem sold by Diane Duyser of Florida in 2004 for $28,000 to GoldenPalace.com. Duyser claimed she made the sandwich in 1994, saw what appeared to be the face of the Virgin Mary, and then kept it around in a plastic case! Not surprisingly, she then said it gave her good luck, including winning $70,000 at a casino in Florida (are there casinos in Florida?). Burn some toast until you get a famous face, then call up GoldenPalace.com because buying crazy stuff on eBay has become one of their primary advertising and marketing strategies. [BBC [3]]

k-Fed Egg-Salad Sandwich & Corn Dog: $520

GoldenPalace has bought a lot of other ridiculous food and this time it was a vacuum-sealed half-eaten egg-salad sandwich and corn dog dinner. [PRNewswire [4]]

Jesus Shaped Fish Sticks: $79

Victoria Landis of Elyria, Ohio, sold fish sticks fused together “in a way that made three mini crosses, and the way they fell on the pan it looked just like the hill where Jesus was crucified.” She managed to get score $79, which included next-day shipping in dry ice, for her discovery. Unfortunately no picture exists and not much more information is available on the sale. [UPI [5], Clevescene [6]]

Illinois-shaped Cornflake

The most recent entry into the group comes from Melissa and Emily McIntire of Virginia. They sold a cornflake shaped like Illinois to Monty Kerr of Texas for $1,350 in March 2008. Money Kerr runs TriviaMania.com and wanted to add it to a traveling museum… or just trying to get some affordable advertising by way of crazy eBay auctions! This isn’t the first time Kerr tried to buy a cornflake, he bought “world’s largest” in the past but it broke! So he was left with three pretty big cornflakes, poor guy. [CNN [7]]