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Sizzling Summer Credit Card Promotions

Posted By Miranda Marquit On 07/28/2011 @ 12:20 pm In Credit | No Comments

Yes, the economy has a long way to go yet. However, one of the signs that things are picking up a little bit is the fact that my mailbox is starting to see more credit card offers. And, while I might be a little bit tempted to get a new card, I want to make sure it’s got the best possible bonus for me. After all, what’s the point of being a responsible credit user if you aren’t getting anything good in return?

As you consider your options for a new credit card [3], it can help to know what the promotions are. Choose wisely, and you will find that you can find some solid benefits. Here are some of the credit card offers and promotions available right now:

  • Chase Freedom [4]: $200 bonus cash back. After make $500 worth of purchases using the credit card in the first three months, you will receive a cash back bonus of $200. The Chase Freedom card also comes with rotating spending categories that provide 5% cash back during certain periods of time. For July 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011, the 5% cash back category is all about travel: hotel, gas and airline purchases.
  • American Express Premier Rewards Gold [5]: If you spend $1,000 using the credit card in the first three months of opening your account, you can receive 15,000 reward points. That’s enough for a gift card in the amount of $150. You also earn points faster on certain categories, such as airfare and gas. The annual fee of $175 is waived for the first year.
  • Capital One Venture [6]: This rewards card is all about the travel [7]. You can earn 25,000 bonus miles, which is equivalent to about $250 in travel. The card comes with two miles for every dollar you spend. There is an annual fee of $59, but it is waived for the first year. Venture also offers a business card. You can get 10,000 bonus miles for spending $1,000 in the first three months, and you can get 5,000 bonus miles when you sign up for an employee credit card.
  • Citi Simplicity [8]: There aren’t any special bonuses with this card, other than a fairly long introductory period for your 0% APR. There are also no rewards attached to this credit card. What makes the Citi Simplicity card so intriguing is the fact that it doesn’t come with late fees [9] or rate hikes when you miss a payment or go over your limit. It’s an interesting novelty, and one worth considering if you are just looking for a way to help consolidate and pay down your debt.

Choosing a credit card is a very personal thing. You need to carefully consider your options, and decide what rewards would work best for you. Once you have that figured out, you can choose a credit card that fits seamlessly into your overall financial plan.

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