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Credit Cards with Concierge Service

How would you like a personal assistant for free?

Lost? Can’t figure out your GPS? Don’t have a GPS? Ring up [3] your credit card’s concierge service and ask!

Need tickets to a show? What about tickets to another country? Both are within a credit card concierge service’s wheelhouse and booking both are complimentary (the cost of the tickets aren’t, but the service is free and you can’t even tip them if you wanted to).

Concierge service used to be the exclusive benefits of those carrying American Express’ Centurion Card (yep, the black one made of the pulverized bones Spanish privateers), but today you can find it as a benefit of a lot of cards you wouldn’t expect.

Visa Signature Cards

I was surprised to learn that every Visa Signature card has has complimentary concierge service. It’s called their Visa Signature Concierge service (surprise!) and it’s absolutely free. They can help you practically anything (that “and more!” bullet really covers a lot), as we saw in John Hargrave’s guest post at 4HWW [4].

Some Visa Signature cards have annual fees, which help pay for these services, but some of them don’t, like the Chase Freedom® Visa – $50 Bonus Cash Back [5] card. It also has the benefit of being a great cash back rewards credit card (I consider it as one of the best credit cards [6])

To reach the concierge service, call 800-953-7392 (U.S.) or 804-673-1693 (collect outside the U.S.).

MasterCard’s World Elite

Not to be outdone by it’s processing competitor, MasterCard also has their MasterCard’s World Elite benefits and they include complimentary concierge service. The World Elite MasterCards are usually co-branded with an exclusive relationship with the co-brand but include perks like airport lounge access at no additional cost.

For example, the “best” of the World Elite cards appears to be the SaksFirst World Elite MasterCard, associate with Saks Fifth Avenue. I put it at the head of the list because you get the World Elite MasterCard benefits without paying an annual fee [7]! The other co-brands have annual fees around $150 a year.

American Express Platinum & Black

Two American Express cards offer concierge services: the American Express Platinum and the American Express Black.

AMEX Platinum: The AMEX Platinum has a 24-hour Concierge service, named the Platinum Card Concierge. The AMEX Platinum has an annual fee of $450 but gives you many other perks including complimentary Airport Club Access, purchase protection [8], and other perks. It can be reached at 1-800-345-AMEX (US), 617-622-6756 (Outside the US).

If you have the Centurion Card, the AMEX Black, you are probably well aware of its benefits already. 🙂

If you’re aware of any credit cards with complimentary concierge services, especially if they’re like the Chase Freedom or SaksFirst card and they have no annual fee, please let us know about them.