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Credit Karma Offers Free Auto Insurance Score, Vantage Score

I logged into my Credit Karma [3] last week, part of my monthly do it yourself identity theft [4] regimen, when I saw that they had changed the name of the credit score you receive to the TransRisk Score. I’ve always known that Credit Karma gave you a TransUnion credit score based on your TransUnion report but this is the first time I saw that it was actually named the TransRisk Score.

In addition to this name change, they added two more tabs:

I’d never heard of the Auto Insurance Score before and the list of “factors that affect your insurability” didn’t seem to give me much direction in how I could improve those score (and presumably lower my premiums). I learned about VantageScore [5] back in 2006 when the three bureaus tried to popularize it as an alternative to FICO but I don’t think it ever caught on.