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Credit Karma Offers Free Credit Monitoring For All

Credit Karma [3] has officially [4] opened up its credit monitoring service to everyone. Until now, likely due to beta testing, you had to get a special invitation through a partner site, like Bargaineering, to get credit monitoring.

What is Credit Karma monitoring? They check every day for any “significant change” to your report, such as a new credit inquiry (hard pull), delinquent payment or improvement. Not everything is negative, they will notify you via email if something positive occurs too. If something happens that you didn’t expect, it’s good to know that you’ll be notified quickly.

Long timer readers will remember that I use Credit Karma for credit monitoring as part of my do it yourself identity theft protection [5] and this new feature has made it so much easier. In the past, I’d just request my score once a month and investigate further if I discovered a change in my score. In the last year, my credit score via Credit Karma has been a steady horizontal line – which means I have nothing to worry about (at least when it comes to my TransUnion credit report). This doesn’t mean I don’t check my reports once every year, but it does give me a peek in between those reviews.

Pretty awesome when you consider Credit Karma is absolutely free.