Is Credit Karma a Scam?

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Credit KarmaYou know the old maxim – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Does Credit Karma sound too good to be true? You can see your TransUnion credit score for free? You can get absolutely free credit monitoring? These are services that people pay good money for and Credit Karma, a company that isn’t affiliated with any of the credit bureaus, is giving it away for free. It does sound too good to be true.

That begs the question – is Credit Karma a Scam?

Is Credit Karma a Scam?

While you can never say so with 100% certainty, I don’t think they are a scam. I don’t think they are a scam because I understand the business model and you can make more money legitimately than illegitimately, plus they’ve been at it for a long time. While none of these are absolute indicators of them not being a scam, I’d find it difficult to believe that this is an elaborate ruse designed to steal personal information. 🙂

For more information about their service, here’s my Credit Karma review and video walkthrough.

How does Credit Karma Make Money?

I don’t know for sure but my guess is that they make money when someone signs up for an offer on their site. When you visit the site, you’re frequently shown banking, credit card, and other financial offers that are probably better than whatever you’re using. When I logged in, I was shown an offer for the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard and estimates that I could save $342 over a year. Since I carry no balance, I know that savings estimate is wrong but for someone who does carry a balance, $342 is good savings. If I sign up, Credit Karma may be paid for that.

What About Other Free Credit Scores?

For almost every other free credit score offer, you get your credit score in return for signing up for a credit monitoring membership service. That credit monitoring service comes with a monthly fee after the trial period and the company is betting that you’ll continue with the service, either by choice or because you forget to cancel. They aren’t scams because they tell you this up front but Credit Karma doesn’t sign you up for anything you will eventually pay for.

You will have to make your own determination as to whether Credit Karma is a scam. I’ve been using them for over a year with great results, they’re the cornerstone of my do it yourself identity theft protection system and it’s been working out so far.

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440 Responses to “Is Credit Karma a Scam?”

  1. Rich says:

    I have read many saying they had to put in credit card info for Credit Karma. When you use a search to find credit karma you will see many sites that say credit karma but if you look at the address it will be for some place other than credit karma. Make sure you look at the actual address before going to the site.

  2. De Bora says:

    Thank You! So much!

  3. james hopkins says:

    I give up I have been to twenty sights and all wanted at least one dollar yes the old lady on tv was correct for me it wasn’t free either

  4. Sister Carol says:

    I have used this site for 8 months, and have never been asked for a credit card, or any information out of the order. They have given me advise on how to build up my credit score, and it is working!! Thank you Jesus for sending me to this site. I tell everyone to use them God Bless

    • Carol says:

      “Sister Carol” sounds like a paid pumper. I’ve tried several times and I’ve always been asked for a credit card. I think Jesus has nothing to do with this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    bullturkey! Don’t give any of your personal information on-line. This IS a big scam.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have never asked me for personal information. Just enough to identify Trnasunion score, but not account. So birthdate, name, last four digits of SS#. Also, no spam on email has occurred.

  6. groovydaisy says:

    I’ve been using this for several months and have never once been asked for credit card information. If you are you are likely on the wrong site. I am using this as one of several tools to start taking responsibility for my bad credit and improve. It seems to mesh with the other information I have about my credit.

  7. Abdul aleem says:

    At Leslie burks transition has nothing to do with credit karma but sue transunion it’s the principal that’s a civil case if they charged you 29.95 sure there’s some fine print where u couldn’t even see that was a one time fee

  8. Herb says:

    I started to sign up for a free credit score and every seemed normal. They only asked for the last 4 digits to my SS number along with my name and address info. Then they came back and said they could not find me in their data base and asked for my completes SS number. That raised a red flag and I turned them off. I have 70 years of credit history and credit karma lost their credibility with me when they said they could not find me using my name and address.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I tried credit Karma too and at the end of the site, it does ask for a credit card number, they have all of your information. I got a phone call after I put my information in saying they could repair my credit for 99.00. It is definitely a scam.

  10. Jay says:

    Not sure if its a scam but the terms agreement is scary:

    License to Credit Karma and its Service Providers for User Content. You grant to Credit Karma the unrestricted, unconditional, non-exclusive, unlimited, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free right and license to host, use, copy, distribute, reproduce, disclose, sell, re-sell, sub-license, display, perform, transmit, publish, broadcast, modify, reformat, translate, archive, store, cache or otherwise exploit in any manner whatsoever, all or any portion of your User Content for any purpose whatsoever in all formats; on or through any media, software, formula or medium now known or hereafter developed; and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed and to advertise, market and promote the same…

  11. Bill says:

    this web site takes you to another site They say that if you cancel within 5 days you won’t be charged. This is sent to you in an e-mail. I don’t now about you but I don’t open all e-mails I receive. Im on why would I open one from They beside the 1.00 I have a charge for 29.99 also. What a bunch of theives.

  12. Jillian says:

    So you “understand their business model” but you “don’t know how they make money”…huh? You’re contradicting yourself.

  13. Buck Wheat says:

    Sho nuff beats stealin.

  14. Hank says:

    The verdict’s still out for me. It looks good so far. My problem with it is the one lender I clicked on, Blue Harbor. When I check to see if they were scamming, the mixed reviews were mostly negative toward the company. I don’t know about other companies. BUT let’s face it they ALREADY have your information. 🙂

  15. Davic says:

    Credit Karma advertises that it is free and you don’t need to give a credit card number. It’s a lie. Even though they it is $1.00 charge, they have lied on their advertising. I don’t trust them

  16. DAVID says:


  17. michael kent says:

    i . am writing this comment on behalf of my wife, who never used credit she is a victim of identy theft and credit karma has taken a large amount of her money without her authorization,so she will sue them for everything they have,

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have been using them for months and have NEVER been asked for a CC #…

  19. pike says:

    TV ad says free no credit card required, Big lie, after getting your SS# and DOB + phone no. They ask for you CC info, A rip off of lies.

  20. Tonya says:

    I have been using CreditKarm for almost 2 years and I have never had a problem This is a wonderful site and it is not a scam, for those who are so skeptical.

  21. david says:

    most people wouldnt know what site they were on. They just click on things and they dont understand why its not working. Credit Karma does not require a credit card. If your being asked for one, your on the wrong site. When you see the word “credit karma” you have to look below it to see the actual website that its actual from. Some people just cant understand simple things like that. why? i dont know.

  22. DtooFresh says:

    ive been using it and signed up, never asked for a CC#. ive never paid one cent. You can look through all of the information on the site, there is no where on the site where you can even add it to get charged…so I think some of you are missing a few marbles.

  23. Gene says:

    Have used Credit Karma for years, never been ask for credit card info. Apparently some people going to other sites piggy backing Credit Karma. Credi Karma is legit and totally free.

  24. Mark S says:

    Credit Karma is a great way of getting your TransUnion score for free, but what about the other credit bureaus (Experian and Equifax).

    I just read an article that shows where you can get all 3 credit scores for free (no credit card required).

    Basically, it’s credit karma for Experian and Equifax!

  25. helper 101 says:

    Please do not get scammed. -you can count on that as a free report and start without shelling out a penny.

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