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Credit Report Card

In the past I’ve joked about how your FICO credit score has become the new report card for your life. Instead of letter grades, we now get a three digit grade in the form of a credit score. As much as you may hate it, that’s how life works and your credit score has become just that, a grade.

I don’t know if Credit Karma [3] heard me or it’s just a strange coincidence, but they put out a credit report card tool that takes your TransUnion data (all of Credit Karma’s information is based on TransUnion data) and gives you grades on a litany of factors (seven to be exact):

This is great for anyone curious about the factors that go into your credit score and where they stand relative to other users of Credit Karma.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

To the left is a snapshot of the card itself. It lists the seven categories, your performance (if you’re logged in), as well as your relative performance to other Credit Karma users. This part isn’t as useful as the next part, when you click on More Info. The right snapshot is what you’ll see when you click on More Info and it shows your performance in that factor, as well as your history. So for credit card utilization, you can see that your current utilization is 8%, which puts you in good shape (at least an A!). You can also see that your utilization has increased in the last few months and how you rank versus your peers.

I think it’s the history that has the most value. You can see trends you otherwise may not have noticed. Are you slowly increasing your utilization? have you begun to lean on your cards more heavily? It’s good to see that trend, especially if you aren’t aware of it otherwise.

For an absolutely free service, powered by their partnerships and advertising (who knows what else), Credit Karma really offers some fantastic tools.