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Credit Sesame Mobile App Review

Last week, we reviewed Credit Karma’s iPhone app [3]. As it turns out, Credit Sesame [4], a similar service, also has an app that’s available on iPhone and Android [5]. To recap, Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are similar services at their core. Whereas Credit Sesame offers you a credit score from Experian, Credit Karma offers you a score from TransUnion. They have similar monetization strategies – earning revenue off the offers they present given your credit report data. The big difference is how Credit Sesame integrates your home into the whole picture, whereas Credit Karma largely ignores it (outside of seeing your mortgage).

I see value in using both services because one gives you a way to monitor your Experian report (Credit Sesame) while the other gives you the ability to monitor your TransUnion report (Credit Karma).

The data on the screens isn’t mine so I can’t speak to what some of that means in a broader context.


I have mixed feelings about Credit Sesame’s app, especially after seeing Credit Karma’s app, in part because I don’t feel like Credit Sesame’s app provides as much information. This may have to do with the nature of the relationship between CS and Experian (compared to CK and TransUnion) because there are no notifications, as there are with Credit Karma’s app. A quick look at the dashboard shows five panels:

Despite having five buttons, only two are related to your credit report – Credit Score and Total Debt. Home Value is a figure taken from DataQuick.com for your address, Savings Advice is actually a listing of offers (like refinancing), and Tips from our Blog pulls what I imagine is an RSS feed from their blog.

Credit Score & Credit Usage

If you tap the Credit Score button, you’re shown the screen to the right – your score and the change since the last update. It also shows you the range of scores and where your score calls. Tap on credit usage and you’ll see a calculation of your total utilization. This is all updated monthly.

On the whole, it’s a free app that lets you keep tabs on your credit score and your Experian credit report. One fantastic feature is the ability to disable mobile access from your CreditSesame.com account plus the addition of a 4-digit pin (so a thief needs more than your login and password).

Do you use Credit Sesame? Do you think you’ll use an app like this?