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Crucial Lifetime Limited Warranty Rocks

Crucial, owned by Micron Technology Inc., is the maker of several of my RAM sticks and recently I rediscovered why I love their lifetime limited warranty so much. See, I was digging through my box o’ computer junk when I found a couple sticks in anti-static bags and so I did what every nerd does, I popped them into the closest PC to see if they were still okay. The Crucial memory looked fine, contacts were clean and everything, chips looked good, and the computer POST’d and everything, log in, play around, but eventually stuff started to crash when they shouldn’t have and eventually it would blue screen after about thirty minutes of operation.

Obviously the computer was fine before the RAM so the RAM was the likely culprit and so I was going to buy some more (the RAM the computer used was pretty cheap, I was going to just get a 512MB DDR 266Mhz stick) when I remembered that Crucial had a great lifetime limited warranty policy. How did I remember this? This very stick was a replacement for a stick that had gone bad about five years ago! (Is this instead a commentary on Crucial memory? Hardly, two sticks in 7 or 8 years is a pretty good run) So, a fifteen minute phone call later, I have an RMA and I’ll be getting a replacement stick, an upgrade because this part is obsolete, in a few days. I love Crucial!

Moral of the story is that you should check the warranty policy on anything you have that has broken because they might have a great warranty policy like Crucial.