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Cut Health Care Costs: Bargaining With Doctors

This is part of a series taking a look at CNN Money’s Fifty Ways To Cut Your Health-Care Costs and this is the first tip in the series: ask your doctor for a good deal. I was surprised, but not entirely surprised, that the rates doctor’s charge weren’t absolute and that they had the discretion to change their rates. I was surprised only because I never thought to bargain with a doctor, even though when you think about it… they’re a business like any other. Where this makes the most sense is when you have a high deductible or have no insurance whatsoever and are paying out of your own pocket. In those situations, you can probably explain to your doctor and they’ll usually be sympathetic.

Here an interesting statistic:

According to a 2005 Harris Interactive poll, about two-thirds of adults who negotiated for lower prices with a hospital or dentist succeeded, as did three out of five adults who bargained with their doctor.

Source: CNN Money [3]