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Your Take: Have You Cut Back On Spending?

When the economic crisis hit, a lot of people cut back on their discretionary spending. Whether it was to bolster their emergency fund [3] or just a gut reaction to a pretty ugly time, it was a sign that America’s hunger for credit and debt wasn’t insatiable. There was talk about new frugality [4] and of a new normal, but I’m wondering how much of that stuck?

Personally, I know that we live a pretty “financially lean” lifestyle because we are frugal by nature. The things we splurge on are few and far between (though they are splurges, since things like traveling are by nature somewhat more expensive) but one thing we did change a few years ago had to do with eating out. We used to eat out pretty often, several times a week, and we’ve cut that back to only a few times a week (the difference between 5 nights out and 2 nights out can be pretty substantial on a budget).

We did this because we felt cooking for ourselves and eating at home would be a lot more fun and a lot healthier. We now cook several times a week and see it as a form of entertainment as much as a form of savings. It’s something that we anticipate will stick around for years to come.

Is there something you’ve cut back on because of the recession and stuck with because you found it to be better?