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Dealers Use Black Book Pricing Information

So you go into a dealership armed with the Kelley Blue Book value of a car thinking you have all the information? Wrong. Dealers use the prices listed in the Black Books published by the National Auto Research (NAR) Division of Hearst Business Media Corporation, located in Gainsville FL, and those prices are usually under those of the trusty KBB. These Black Books have weekly, monthly, bimonthly, and annual editions and they’re seen as the most accurate price guides in the entire auto industry. They contains the real information you need when you want to talk to a dealer on an even playing field.

Short of subscribing to the Black Book site itself [3] (it’s meant for dealers, not shoppers…), I’m not sure where else you can get that sort of pricing information. Granted, it’s only one other price point but I think it’s important to know and understand that dealers are using a number other than the one you may think they are.