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How to Declutter Your House

Since I’ve started working from home, I’ve noticed how much stuff we really own. We have piles of books that won’t fit on our shelves, school supplies being stored until the new semester starts, and a bunch of family items lying around. In short, our offices are cluttered with a ton of items that we either need to sell, store, or toss. We are tackling this problem this weekend and over the next two weeks. If you have found that your home is packed to the brim with your stuff too, then you may want to simply your life like me.

Toss It

The easiest way to declutter your home [3] is to just throw all of your old junk away. Some neighborhood associations have a yearly neighborhood improvement day in which they rent dumpsters so that home owners can throw away their undesirables. These dumpsters are completely free. Another option is to call a storage removal company like 1-800-Got Junk. They will pack and haul your old junk away for you for a fee. I personally have been rooting out all of our broken items and putting them out with our normal trash. It has been working great.

Donate It

You can donate many of your old items to charitable organizations or through places like Freecycle. Organizations like the Red Cross, United Way, and Goodwill would be happy to receive your old televisions, computers, clothing, and furniture. You can either take it to them or they may be able to send someone to pick it up from your home. Donating to charity is a smart move because you will feel great that your things are going to a good cause and you get a tax deduction as well.

Freecycle is useful for any of the same items or even broken ones. I joined our local Freecycle group years ago and love the fact that my stuff goes directly to someone who will use it. I’ve been able to Freecycle rugs, furniture, and even plants.

Sell It

One of the ways to declutter your home and make some money in the process is to sell your stuff [4]. I’d suggest using Craigslist or having a yard sale. Sell the items at prices that are just too good for anyone to pass up. You might be surprised to learn that your “junk” could bring in a couple hundred bucks and free up some of the space in your home.

Store It

If you want to hold onto some of your items for sentimental reasons but don’t have the room at home, then a storage facility is a great option. You can rent a basic climate-controlled storage unit for under $50 a month in my area and store all of the extra stuff there. Storage units are good for storing old furniture, clothes, and equipment. This way your items are safely protected in a controlled environment and your home is free of these items. I personally rather never pay for storage of things I don’t use, so I’m pursuing the other options right now.

How do you declutter your home?