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Digitectronics Ticker Garden

The Ticker Garden is no longer available.

Hao-Hsiu Chiu, a doctoral student at the Design School of Harvard University, recently emailed me with a project he’s been working on called the Ticker Garden. Basically it is a really beautiful and innovative way for you to track, in real time, your stocks, related financial news, broad market indicators, etc.

Hao-Hsiu sent it to me requesting feedback and so I felt what better way to get feedback than to ask all the readers of Blueprint? It’s a small executable that passed all virus scans and it’s pretty intuitive to use. If you have a moment, please consider downloading it, putting it through its paces, and letting me know what you think about it (what can be improved, what you liked, what you disliked, etc.).

Remember, this isn’t the most efficient way to display the information available but it’s a very zen-like way to do it and I personally think it looks beautiful.