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Discover Open Road Card – $150 Restaurant.com Promotion

When it comes to credit card new account promotions, Discover has never been one to open up the wallet and shower new customers with buckets of money. That’s always been the domain of Citi, Chase, with their several hundred dollar promotions, and every airline loyalty credit card on the planet.

Discover, however, may be changing its strategy a little with the latest relaunch of a promotion I saw a few months ago. I didn’t cover it then because I didn’t think the promotion was going to be tremendously popular (I imagine it worked, since it’s come back) but it’s for a free $150 Restaurant.com gift certificate after your first purchase. Restaurant.com, if you recall, is a site that sells gift certificates to local restaurants for pennies on the dollar. You can get a $25 gift certificate for $10 (even less if you find a promotional coupon code, which are plentiful). The real boons are when you find a 80% off coupon, that makes each $25 gift certificate only $2 a piece.

My lukewarm initial response has to do with Restaurant.com, not with Discover’s Open Road Card, because this deal depends heavily on how well Restaurant.com is covered in your area. Around us, very few of the restaurants we like are on the site (which makes sense, they don’t need the business) and the site is filled mostly with brand new places or places we’ve tried and are less enthusiastic about.

As for the card itself, it’s part of the Discover Get More rewards program, offers a 0% balance transfer and purchases, and confers all the other privileges of Discover.