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Discover Get More Reward Categories (2011)

The Discover More card is one of the few credit cards that rotates its reward categories. Normally, a rewards credit card is set in its ways when it comes to reward categories. The Discover More card, through it’s Get More program, rotates the bonus category every quarter to something that seems seasonally appropriate. For January through March, you get a bonus on travel and restaurants since lots of people travel (probable to get out of the cold!).

Well, fortunately for us, Discover is also pretty friendly about broadcasting the schedule. Here is the Get More 5% Cashback bonus calendar for 2011:

If you don’t have a Discover card and want to get in on the bonus action, this offer is probably your best option. You can get a $100 cashback bonus if you make $500 in purchases within 3 months plus there’s a 0% balance transfer offer (if that’s something you’re in the market for).