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Be a Dividend Millionaire by Paul Rubillo

Be a Dividend Millionaire [3] by Paul Rubillo is not just a book about dividend investing – there are a million of those. Be a Dividend Millionaire is a personal finance book that shows you how to integrate dividend investing as a way of building wealth on top of a solid foundation that everyone needs to have.

What I like most about Paul Rubillo [4] is his background, which he shares with you in the preface of the book. He isn’t some classroom educated CFP who analyzed stocks for thirty years and felt like putting out a book on dividend investing. He’s a regular guy who worked regular jobs from delivering mail to collecting trash to running a successful deli in New York City. He started to learn about financial planning and investing, turning that expertise into Dividend.com [5] and now this book. These are lessons borne out of experience, not a textbook, and he makes it easy for regular folks like you and me to understand.

I expected the book to be entirely about dividend investing, as the title seems to suggest, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s actually much broader than that. The book starts with a look at your household finances and a discussion on Rubillo’s Ten Step Plan to Financial Stability. The Ten Step plan establishes a strong financial foundation that you need before you look towards investing in anything, dividend stocks or otherwise. It moves on to discuss investing in more general terms, how to watch Wall Street, and then, Chapter 5, it gets into picking stocks.

So after all these chapters on personal finance and broader investing, you get to the namesake of the book – dividend investing (chapter 7). It’s part discussion of the merits of dividend investing (compounding returns, reinvesting) and part discussion of execution (checking dates, watching dividend growth), all written in very easy to understand language without the monotony of a million charts and tables that are outdated the moment they are printed (there are both charts and tables but they exist to illustrate a point).

Overall, the book is like a personal finance book that dovetails into dividend investing and how it can provide future wealth. When I picked it up, I expected it to be a book focused on dividend investing entirely, having seen “dividend millionaire” in the title. I liked that it was much more than that because without a solid financial base, you can’t successfully invest in anything.

You can’t get the book yet but when it comes out (it’s published by FT Press [6] and comes out May 12, 2011), I’d definitely check it out if dividend investing is something you’re interested in.