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Your Take: Divorce Insurance?

Spend enough time reading pop culture magazines and websites and chances are you’ll stumble onto news about some movie star or music sensation insuring a body part. Lloyd’s of London is famous for insuring body parts like Celine Dion’s vocal cords, Troy Polamalu’s hair, and Keith Richards’ fingers. So I guess I was only a little surprised to hear, on Marketplace Money [3], that you can now buy divorce insurance! (I’m a little late to the party because the NYTimes Bucks blog [4] wrote about it last August!)

Basically you pay $15.99 per month for a “unit” and a unit covers you for $1,250; you can buy up to 200 units. If you get divorced, you get paid out for your units. My gut feeling is that it seems pretty expensive, though I’ve never looked at how much it costs to prepare a prenuptial agreement [5]. After a period of a few years, you might even want to divorce just to collect the check!

Would you ever consider divorce insurance?