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Do You Work for a Forbes 100 Best Company?

It was only recently that I could say that I worked at a company on the of Forbes 100 Best Companies to Work For [3] list but I was wondering if any of you folks have been working at one for a while and whether what you think about your company compared to what Forbes says. Is it accurate? Is it inflated? Is it an outright fabrication?

For the company I work for, the reason they list as the highlight is something that is shared by both my former and current employer. The difference between the two is that my current employer limits the benefits but asks fewer questions about it and my former employer doesn’t limit the benefits but asks more questions. As for whether my new employer is better to work for than my old, I can’t definitively say either way but so far it’s been better however I’ve only been here a week.

Anyway, feel free to post anonymously if you want, I promise I won’t try to figure out who you are, but I’d really like to hear the opinion of real people about their current/former company on the list or about the list in general. Thanks!