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Your Take: Does Unemployment Insurance Reward Laziness?

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Jobless Men Keep Going, Try Wall Street, They Pay BonusesThe Huffington Post shared the thoughts of Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) on unemployment this week:

Unemployment insurance “doesn’t create new jobs. In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work,”

The title of the article is a little misleading. In quotes, Kyl said that benefits dissuade people from job hunting, not that they “make people not want to get a job,” as the title states. While I didn’t hear or read about the debate, it seems like a stretch to take the quotes and twist them to match the title.

However, unemployment benefits do act as a disincentive. You get unemployment benefits when you are unemployed, you don’t get them when you are employed. If you remain unemployed, you get paid for not working… so in that respect Kyl is right. Given that base unemployment benefits lasts 26 weeks (not including the extensions from the stimulus package), I’m inclined to think that it’s not unfair for Bunning, or others, to ask how we are going to pay for these things especially if we’re extending benefits again.

While the initial 26 weeks are funded by my employer and myself, through past payments, the extensions, in theory, aren’t. They’re funded by current workers and are taken from their future benefits, should they ever need them. I’m not well versed in how it all works but that’s just my layman’s understanding of it.

If I lost my job and was on unemployment, my initial sense of urgency at finding another job would be much lower than if I didn’t have unemployment benefits (once I got over the sting of being fired). If I just need to meet the job hunting requirements to receive unemployment benefits, I’ll do that while I search for the “right” job and not the “right now” job. I would rethink my career, a la Lemonade, and not rush to find income. Without unemployment benefits, I would be less likely to do it… so in a sense the benefits act as a disincentive.

What are your thoughts on unemployment benefits and whether they reward laziness? Did you think Bunning blocking the bill because he wanted the Senate to follow its own PAYGO rules were justified?

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190 Responses to “Your Take: Does Unemployment Insurance Reward Laziness?”

  1. K says:

    Unemployment insurance was meant to be a short-term insurance (no more than 6 months) to tide people over while they looked for work. NAFTA was the worst thing to happen to this country and hundreds of thousands of jobs have been deported overseas and it has continued in a downward spiral.

    As to unemployment being a disincentive – It is all going to depend on the person involved – no matter what there are always people that are going to take advantage of a situation and ruin it for the people who really need a help up, not a hand out. I can’t deny that on a social networking site I keep seeing people talking about their vacations they have taken and how they are enjoying their current “retirement”, but they are ones that did not need the money when they were working and/or didn’t really work that hard when they were at work.

    For those that have someone else supporting them financially and the truly lazy that always expect a handout from everyone and never pay their bills any way it would be a disincentive.

    However, for hard working people who need the money to support themselves and their family (I am a single parent and not receiving child support)it is a mere band aid in trying to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Unemployment is nowhere near what I made working, and it was not like I was making megabuck – I earned quite a bit less than $25,000 last year because I took the first job I could find last time after being unemployed and only collecting a few weeks of unemployment.

    I have been unemployed now for four months and few prospects despite applying for tons of jobs and sending out even more resumes. There are just not the jobs there. The way I see it, the longer I am unemployed the more unemployable I become as I am not only not learning to skills to keep me marketable, as I am not using the skillset that I had, I am losing some of those skills. It is depressing to face rejection after rejection and makes me wonder if I have any value at all.

    I have a college degree and worked hard all of my life and I enjoy working. I used to always donate money or food to our church’s food bank and never thought I would end up being on the receiving end.

    I think a “New Deal” approach would be a good incentive – instead of paying extended unemployment, instead create jobs where they have to report 40 hours and receive the pay they would get on unemployment – if they want or need time off, they would not get paid for the time they didn’t actually work.

  2. Vickie B says:

    First, are not unemployment taxes an employer tax? As an employee we may pay other taxes, such as disability, but not unemployment. Second, payments received by the unemployed vary, based on their wages. It comes nowhere near covering all expenses.

    I was on unemployment for over 26 weeks. I live in California’s Central Valley and we are one of the areas especially hard hit. The jobs are not there. I would have been among the homeless had it not been for unemployment insurance, and having a roommate.

    I am now employed, but just by chance. I accepted a three month long temp position, through an employment agency,and to my benefit, another position happened to come up with the company and I was hired.

    Many are not so lucky.

    Create jobs. If the jobs are there, we will work.

  3. ObamaDrama says:

    As someone who has had a job since 13, it frustrates me to see comments saying that unemployment is a handout. Welfare is a damn handout! But that’s off topic.
    I’m a mom of two with a deployed spouse. When I was laid off while on maternity leave, I struggled with the idea of whether or not I would file for unemployment. It felt like a handout and it felt like I didn’t deserve it. But we went from two paychecks to one. Unemployment is there for the people who need it. Try living on half of what you normally would. Then go find a job flipping burgers making one third of what you did at your last job, add daycare and fuel costs to that…unemployment looks pretty freakin good right now.
    So, people ‘milk’ the system. Whatever. My sister can’t hold down a job, qualifies for welfare, wic, government housing, and state health care, and she won’t stop having kids! That guy sitting on his couch collecting unemployment is costing me a hell of a lot less than she is, and his is gonna run out of unemployment sooner or later.

  4. Kate says:

    I believe that unemployment should last us forever. Well not because I’m lazy but because it helps allot when you don’t have any income. If Bunning and the other REPUBLICANS cut unemployment off then they can just pack up all their belonging and leave office because it will be a great depression. People will not give a damn about life because who supports the economy not just the goverment not just the employed but also the unemployed. The money we earn toward unemployment didn’t come from us being lazy it came from us working and then getting either fired or layed off not by any fault of our own. People that collect unemployment benefits collect it only because there intitled because I know others who have tried to get the benfits and were denied because they quit. So for you to call us lazy is just simple. I use the money to pay bills and purchase items from businesses who pays tax dollars yeah because of me spending money. If the American people stop spending money there is going to be a depression and if our unemloyment is taking we will stop spending. Spending has allot to do with our economy, so just think before you go judging the unemployed. To the people who are unemployed and is not receiving benefits maybe because you didn’t work long and hard like the rest of us to be intitled. The government is full of shit to pretend that the dollars we earn are actually coming from them. No the employers we worked for is paying us our tax dollars back for our hard work, tax dollars that the government would be getting if we were still working or if not on unemployment. Its a shame they act as if were on welfare and never got off the sofa to search for a job. I am currently going to college fulltime, so I can be intiled to a a good job. Im not LAZY! Do you actaully believe I wouldn’t rather have a job than be on unemployment. Most people cant find JOBS right now so yeah we will collect the only money we have UNEMPLOYMENT. And by the way going to school fulltime is a JOB! For all those who have been will tell you its not easy to the ones who have not been its easy to say its EASY. So call me LAZY if you think that going to school fulltime and collecting money that technically I have been intitled to is lazy than I will take the word with PRIDE!

  5. Linda McNasty says:

    Obviously there are those people who do not feel motivated to search for work because they are receiving benefits. Most of these people are prob younger people: students, college kids etc., But for the majority, benefits are desperately needed. Not everyone “enjoys” receiving benefits. It’s not something to be proud of! It’s an unfortunate necessity because the Bush administration and greedy people in high places screwed up everything and made out like fat rats while everyone else got laid off. Explain to the man who has been job hunting for a year+, has 2/3 kids, a wife to support in addition to himself…Explain to him that his benefits don’t help pay the bills and feed his family…they are simply, cut and dry, a disincentive! P-lease!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? No one wants to be unemployed! Try living on unemployment.

  7. WR says:

    I would assert that the reason all of us are so emotional about this topic is that it deals with our core. In the U.S., more than many countries, we have associate deeply with “what we do for a living”. Our identity is intrinsically tied to our job. This gets projected onto everyone else.

    For some, having a job is a badge of honor. For others it is a means to an end. (i.e paying the GD bills).

    If you happen identify strongly with your job and enjoy it, it is not a stretch to say that someone who stretches out the collection of their pre-paid insurance ‘benefits’ is lazy.

    Right now, ANY job is hard to come by and most people who were laid off cannot get a new job at their former pay. It is discouraging and what’s more, was caused in large part by the greed and collusion of our fine government and Wall Street.

    Unemployment insurance does not incent laziness.

  8. Maria says:

    Say what you want about Delay, Bunning and Kyl, but as someone who has been unemployed for a almost a year and a half, that has 20+ years of professional experience and halfway to receiving my Masters in Human Services, also a certified teacher, with a spouse that has been unemployed for many years due to an injury-depending on $346/week for my unemployment check as sole income (his ran out years ago), but DeLay and Kyl are right. My COBRA cost to cover just me is $654/month as I can’t be without health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. He can’t go back to his old profession because he cannot lift more than 40 pounds as it would lead him to a permanent injury and he is truly the epitome of the discouraged worker as he has given up searching. The longer you are out of work, and have exhausted unemployment benefits the more discouraged and depressed you get. He is living proof and I am getting close to that myself at this point but we are polar opposites as I am willing to accept any job, even one with a salary than I made out of undergrad but he’s not, which is the cause of many marital problems. No matter how many times I beg and plead with him to take any job, he won’t because of rejection issues resulting from his childhood. I know, boo-hoo, but everyone is different and though my childhood wasn’t that great, my family encouraged me to work and we only got our allowance if we did chores starting at age 5. By 6 I was helping out at my aunt’s grocery store, getting about a dollar a day which I had to put half in savings and half went to spending money (which included at age 8 buying dog food and vet check-ups for my dog, which was the first pet that was officially mine). By 9 I made .50 an hour under the table sorting yarn in a yarn store, from 12-15 I delivered papers and at 16 started working retail and waitressing to pay my way through college, and his family was much better off financially (until both his parents died and unrealted both my parents died while I was in undergrad) than my family, so he did not have to work until he graduated college (which he dropped out after 2 years so he did not have a real full time job until after he was 20, whereas I had to start working full time at 18, working three jobs and going to school just to pay my tuition with that and student loans (all paid back completely and timely), no financial aid, which never made any sense as having no parental income.

  9. Jason says:

    I agree with some of the comments above. Unemployment is rarely a case where it creates laziness when few people can live off of them for very long. Plus everyone who gets it knows it’s going to run out.

    The truth of the matter is that Mr. Bunning has no clue how hard it is to find any job remotely close to what your trained to do. Myself included. Luckily I didn’t live past my means before this and could save and still pay the bills and then some on my unemployment compensation.

    Most people look hard and can’t find anything. I have applied for well over 100 jobs in the past nine months and haven’t gotten a single phone call. And there are lots more people like me.

    It’s only natural that people aren’t going to run to McDonalds to flip burgers when they would make even less money than being on unemployment.

    The economy even though having been stabilzed has yet to start creating jobs for those unemployed to move into. Otherwise al those people who were on unemployment would cause a huge reduction in spending on our economy and make matter even worse yet.

    Welfare and other freeloader services are what Bunning should really be after which is a large number of people. That should have never came to be.

  10. Dave Ziffer says:

    I’m afraid you people are in very rarefied company. Yes highly motivated joes like the readers of this blog would not use unemployment insurance as a form of ordinary income. But I’m afraid you are in the minority.

    Illinois contruction workers, for example, will proudly tell me how they take four months off every winter and sit around watching TV rather than seek alternate employment in their off-months. No doubt they have good friends at their local “unemployment” offices.

    Unemployment “insurance” is nothing but a tax on hundreds of thousands of small business owners who would never file a claim against their own companies. They pay the “premiums” with nary a chance of ever collecting a “benefit”.

    Unemployment insurance destorys jobs by making it much more expensive to hire employees. Its primary beneficiaries are the government agencies that administer it. We’d be better off without it.

    Say, I have a novel idea. What about if people simply saved money for a rainy day? What if, like our grandparents, we didn’t expect to play the role of spoiled children whenever adversity strikes? What if we were smart enough to collect interest on our savings rather than pay a stiff premium in the form of inflated mandatory “premiums” that mostly go to pay for others’ “benefits”?

    Nah. It’d never work. Most of the populace would need half a brain at least.

    • Bradley says:

      Unemployment pay as well as other federal aid programs such as Social Security and Worker’s Comp pay all had their start in the early 1930s during the Great Depression. Also, other job benefits such as pensions and paid vacation time had their start during this time as well. That was the time our grandparents (or great-grandparents for the younger generation) lived in. Hell, our parents and grandparents are the ones who started the modern use of credit cards/revolving credit. Were our grandparents/great-grandparents spoiled children as well???

  11. Amy says:

    A litte late to the game here…as far as the last comment was over two weeks ago. Several thoughts…I have worked for 35+ years and was laid off as a “teenager”. Back then, one must go to the unemployment office with the little book in hand, proving that jobs were applied for with at least 3 companies. As I realize, back then there were WAY few people unemployed, well WAY few people period and understand now that this pretty much is an impossibility as we cannot even afford the staff required to oversee this.

    Recently, I was laid off and thank goodness found something (2 jobs as a matter of fact)that are not even close to doing what I did before, but took the jobs anyway. This is the thing…I believe people are looking for what they once had, and guess what?? It is not there anymore nor will it ever be in our lifetime.

    As far as one comment here about flipping burgers…do it…get two jobs doing that! You won’t make as much money as you did with your “old” job, but you will feel better if you get out of bed and have someplace to go. I swallowed my pride and/or expectations and am not thrilled with what I am doing…but I am doing SOMETHING. And you never know, they may see your talents and will get a promotion! All good things…

    Depression is alive, unfortunately and most of the time the most in denial are men because they are still considered the breadwinners. Men are what they do, there is nothing wrong with that and totally understand this is perplexing and a foreign thought. Sorry about that. Who thought they would lose their job through no fault of their own?? No fair…

    Yes, the benefits will run out one day, which is sad and scary, but I guarantee you it will make the unemployed—employed.

    I know that I am working my ass off making ends meet the best I can…on that note…does anyone know of an organization one can go to to get information on people they know who are not even trying??

    Not trying to split hairs here, but as I said, I am working twice as hard and know of people who are not even close to looking but still paying the bills as other help is available.

  12. Dr. D says:

    Interesting reading- I agree that some folks are chronic abusers or for whom UI is a disincentive to taking just any work. On the other hand, most of us with families and adult responsibilities can’t live off of it and don’t have expertise where under the table work is available.
    For those, including me going onto my 4th month, it is a way to soften the financial blow to get past the grieving/ anger/ denial etc. etc. of having lost a job (and yes part of our identity) when we’ve given so much in our working lives.

  13. Dr. D says:

    Site said full post was “spammy” (What does that really mean?) So 2nd installment.
    For myself, I had a lot to get past having to lay off 224 other people and locking the door to a manufacturing plant operating for 38 years. I only collected for 6 weeks ever before in my life and that was hard and I felt badly about it.
    This time, I’m accepting this as one thing from my employer, state and federal government that I’ve earned and paid into and it gives me some ability to look for the right opportunity instead of just the next offer. Believe me, jobs at my level are far and few between and although I’d be happy stepping back 2 or more jobs, no-one will entertain that since they feel I’m overqualified and there are younger, “hungrier” candidates for those jobs. So, since I don’t feel very rewarded for the wars we are in or our other misguided federal and state policies, I’ll accept what’s offered from UI for as long as it takes to find something right for me and my family moving forward. I am looking diligently but also don’t begrudge myself time on house projects or general research and learning versus sending endless unanswered resumes. I’m certain that my next job will come via my contacts and networking and not from some web posting.
    BTW- As someone with experience in this area, I can say that there is currently no substitute for the manufacturing jobs we have lost. Not everyone is capable of being a web architect or microbiologist for a biotech firm. Sending people to school for Word and Excel is just great but it won’t get them a job. Manufacturing provided solid people with limited training a huge number of LIVABLE WAGE jobs for untold years. Service and tech will not replace these jobs for those people. As long as we allow countries to undervalue their currencies and most Americans look for the absolute lowest price on everything, we will be in trouble.

  14. Dr. D says:

    3rd & last installment-
    I disagree w/ the poster who said a US made outfit of jeans and a T shirt would cost the equivalent of a hand made suit. You only need to look back 10 or 15 years to see that it would only cost about 10-15% more than what we pay today and with thousands or tens of thousands of jobs created. Same for electronics etc. Don’t get me started on equipment for alternative energy production (PV/ Wind).
    We’re giving it all away if we don’t wake up and protect our currency and balance our trade. In the meantime, people will (and should) look out for themselves when accepting UI benefits versus flipping burgers. And yes, since the states (who helped push manufacturing out) and the Feds (who made outsourcing and offshoring so attractive to large and medium businesses) got the working people at ALL levels into this mess, they need to keep extending until we get ourselves back on track with GOOD employment opportunities. Given everything else they’ve mismanaged, we’re owed that.
    And by the way, robust verification that people are diligently looking and ready to accept reasonable work should be a must in all states and isn’t hard or expensive to enforce.

    Thanks for the patience w/ the long 1st post (In 3 installments).

  15. Ali says:

    Well, I’m a little aggravated with this whole unemployment situation. I know someone who is only 23 years old and has been drawing unemployment for 2 years now. He is young, and CAN find a job IF HE TRIED. But, my grandpa, he’s older and drawing unemployment, his has ran out a couple times, he’s got it extended like once. But, it’s not fair for my grandpa’s to run out and the other person’s NOT too when he’s capable of finding a job!

  16. Barry says:

    When I got laid off in 2008 (banking restructuring), I had worked for a company for 10 years, never missed a day of work, had great performance reviews, and in many cases worked 50-55 hours per week (salary) to meet the goals of my demanding boss. You can bet that when I got laid off, I took advantage of all the unemployment I could get.

  17. Leslie Fox says:

    I have been the beneficiary ot eh unemployment extension benefits (99 months in September). That’s been very important to my survival, but unfortunately Congressional efforts” to increase jobs has not occured, and my field of fundraising is no exception. Also unfortunately, the employers are much less interested in you if you have been unemployed for one to two years. On top of that, I turn 65 in July and it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete. All the salaries have been reduced except for the very highest level of manager positions. If I have benefited from the same “largess” as the big banks for a while, my career is likely over. Yes, these benefits were paid for by me for my several years of relatively high salaries. After paying that and for years paying social security and medicare (again at a higher level for higher salaries)is not going to get me enough to live on since like many I hve no pension.

    I’m youthful and emergetic and I’ve been applying for jobs in my field for two years and should have been hired by some non profit, unless they have younger “cheaper” candidates. Of ocurse my once fairly large 401k has been reduced by 35-40% and I have completely withdrawn from the equity markets and have invested in bonds and gold to preserve what I have to live on in the coming years. However, I will outlive my money, unless I purposely let myself become ill!!!!

  18. Andrew Allan says:

    When I was laid off a few years back, I admit I enjoyed the break, covered by unemployment insurance. I’m sure a lot of people that are unemployed today feel the same way. It’s like a poor-man’s sabbatical.

    I understand the value of extending the time period for which benefits can be received to prevent families becoming destitute. But after you’ve finished your initial “what you’re paid is based on what you made” period, I think the compensation should change. After that, EVERYBODY should be paid the same, somewhere between the very bottom and the current top levels.

  19. Cindy says:

    People are quyick to down something they are not in need of at he moment. Unemployment is to help those that become unemployed, regardless of how the time and money is used because there is a limitation. It will eventually run out, therefore, those who really want to work will utilize this downtime wisely. If you have a job right now and you are not receiving unemployment. Be happy and thankful for the blessing, because being on unemployment is not fun, I rather be working. Some states unemployment offices such as Maryland is one of the worst to deal with, they treat the people that become unemployed like dirt. They show no compassion. They don’t care and the process is very slow. They take their time in helping you and the representatives that takes the calls to answer questions about your claim is rude and non-chalant.

    • Cindy says:

      correction quiyick should be quick

      he moment is actual the moment, sorry no spell check was available.

  20. Leslie Fox says:

    As someone who has been unemployment benefits for a long time, of course I’m going to defend my right to collect. The question is not only whether or not it discourages job “action” but whether there are enough jobs out there, at all, to accommodate all the seekers. I know in my field that there are 5-6 qualified candidates for each job I apply to. I have spent every day since being laid off seeking a professional job for which I’m qualified. I couldn’t get a job as a waitress or a cashier, even if I wanted to.

    Whereas the Bush tax cuts stimulates only $.37 on every dollar given back to the wealthy, uninsurance insurance produces $1.67 of spending. Just thought I’d add that.

    But Republicans are not interested in reducing the deficit or increasing jobs etc. They are only interested in KEEPING THEIR JOBS in Congress, and the worse off we are, the better chance they have to take back Congress (not that they ever lost their control, i.e. the fillibuster!!!)

  21. Anonymous says:

    “Free money”? Are you people a bunch of morons???..uec is NOT free money…we pay taxes on s NOT a Gov. is money paid into an account by our ex is money we earned with our blood, sweat and tears..wanna drug test me, be my guest..but don’t you think there are more drug addicts on welfare…duh! Can I afford to live on $275 a week, can you?? Lets see you buy groceries (btw I don’t buy beer or ciggs…do you, nor do I go to the beach!!), I buy gas, pay the elect., phone, rent, car payment, ins. both home owners and car on $275 a week..however, if you are living on ss or will soon then you are the moochers because THAT money is paid for by the ones working you pay into ss is not for you…stupid, it goes to the ones who are retired now..I actually worked for the money I am getting actually I worked 6 sometimes 7 days a week, 12 hour days and made $15 an hour, so the $275 I make now is peanuts compared to my actual earnings, but the bottom line is I worked for the money I am drawing, however those on ss or will be soon is mooching off the employed next time you p*ss and moan about people getting a “free ride” you’re not talking about those of us on unemployment, you are actually talking about those on ss or soon will be coz that’s on your dime..STUPID!

  22. Solari says:

    Ok, one more time for those either unable to fathom this concept or else too stupid to see the truth..UEC is NOT a free handout, STUPID! It is money paid into a fund by our ex emoployers while we are is money earned by us through our blood, sweat and tears…free money implies no taxes..taxes are taken out on unemployment dumb***es! However, when you p*ss and moan about people living on the employed you are talking about those on ss or about to pay into ss not for yourself, but for those collecting ss now..your ss will come from future workers once you retire…also, can you live on $275 a week ie: buy groceries (I don’t buy beer, ciggs or drugs…do you?) pay elect., phone, cable (btw we don’t have cable, but I bet you do) ins. both car and home, also life (can’t afford life, but I do have the other two), rent, car payment…NO? me either..when I was working I worked 6 sometimes 7 days a week, 12 hour days and I made a hell of a lot more then $275 a week..yea I’m living on easy street..God, you people are a bunch of imbeciles! Drug test me all you want, but first drug test those on welfare..DUH!

  23. Joanne says:

    My Husband had a job in the copper mine in Globe,Az. Then it was more economical to close that copper mine and open one in a foreign country. There went 1200 jobs from one mine. He was making almost $20.00/ hour now we are unemployment Az is the cheapest state for payment of unemployment. If Banning calls my hard working husband lazy he can deal with me and 1200 other wives of miners with NO JOBS. iTS JUST LIKE OUR COUNTRY TO OUTSOURCE JOBS, THATS WHAT STARTED ALL THE TROUBLE. Lazy indeed I wonder how Banning spends his days ive seen the Senate in session with 60% empty seats. REMEMBER THE GOVERNMENT IS U AND I GET OUT AND VOTE AND GET RID OF LAZY POLITITONS.

  24. Leslie Fox says:

    If the author would be so disinclined to seek work, and would rather live on unemployment, then it strikes me he is projecting his own laziness onto those of us who are desparately trying to find work in this time when there are six people for every job.

    Incentives??? What about the incentives for bankers and financiers to steal from our taxes to enrich their own coffers. How is that for incentive!!!????

  25. ash says:

    The entire system is jacked!!! I am currently 25, have been working FULL TIME since I was 15 n a half, the only time I havn’t worked is between jobs and have been able to maintain at least a 2 year work history with each place. I have worked anywhere from 6-7 days a week up to 10-12 hours steady those days in a row. I’m pregnant and had to move out of my location to be with family during my pregnancy and I got fired from a job about a policy that I wasn’t really aware of and was only mentioned like once in the handbook which took me 2 weeks to find. But I have still been able to work, and WANT to..but with the area my family lives in, there just not too many job opportunities (small town). I have been trying for 3 months now to just get even one freakin check, and still, nothing. Like I’ve said I WANT to work, and as soon as I get to where I can move back to my previous location, I have a job it’s already been agreed. It just makes me angry that I KNOW for these past 7 years they have been taking money out of my check for crap like this..and I can’t even access it when I NEED it. But I bet if I would have had 3 or 4 kids right now and just didn’t care about having a better life or a good decent job to make something out of myself I would have gotten it immediately AND been able to draw it for months at at time. But no, I DONT wanna do that. I dont wanna be some American trash who actually WANTS to live off of government money…becuase otehr than keeping you from going in the hole with a few bills..waht else is it good for? But that’s exactly why I need it, because I’m about to be in the hole with some bills…and there’s nothing I can do about it for at least 3 more months!! SO GRRRRRR @ THE SYSTEM…AND ALLA THE PPL WHO TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY B/C THEY DONT WANNA GET A FREAKING JOB AND WANNA CRY AND MOAN B/C OF THIS REASON AND THAT!! If you wanna blame it cuz you’ve got 3 or 4 kids and it’s just hard to have a job with that…don’t tel me ur b/s because I know 2 ppl that have 4plus kids..and still manage just fine!

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