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Don’t Get Electronic Credit Card Statements

How many emails have you received, meant to respond, but then forgot about? Exactly. It’s not that you don’t mean to act on them, it’s just that you had a few minutes to check your email, saw something important but couldn’t act on it right away so you put it aside. The problem is when you get the electronic statement from your credit card because when you forget to schedule a payment, it costs you money. That offer of $5 to go all electronic, while good, may be a losing proposition.

Consider that when you get a statement in the mail, it’s something tangible you can leave on your desk, so it can serve as a more physical reminder to schedule your payments. Now, if you have some sort of autopay feature that knows how much your statement balance is then you should take the $5 and run. Otherwise, just keep getting the paper statements and shred/recycle them after six months.