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Don’t Lie On Your Resume

RadioShack’s president and CEO, David Edmondson, resigned today because of errors on his resume, which is polite for he lied on his resume. Apparently Edmondson claimed to have earned two college degrees from schools that have absolutely no record of his attendance.

Edmondson had claimed that he received degrees in theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California, which moved in 1998 to Oklahoma and renamed itself Heartland Baptist Bible College.

The school’s registrar told the Star-Telegram that records showed Edmondson completed only two semesters and that the school never offered degrees in psychology. The school official declined to comment to The Associated Press.

After googling for more information, I saw a lot of websites either advocating or chastising the practice of embellishing your resume. I also saw a lot of sites talking about padding your resume or removing items that are less than favorable. My advice: Don’t do it. If you aren’t qualified for a particular job, then do what you need to do in order to be qualified next time. If you don’t have a skill, don’t put it on your resume because you’re only wasting your and the recruiter’s time. If you didn’t go to a particular school, let alone two particular schools, don’t even think about putting it on your CV.

You will not get away with it and when you’re caught, it will likely be very embarassing.

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