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Don’t Rent U-Haul Trucks, Read Why

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After a ridiculously awful experience with U-Haul truck rentals, I blogged about why I hate U-Haul and the response was stunning. Of the twenty or so accounts from people done horribly wrong by U-Haul, not a single one was a positive experience. No one came to the defense of U-Haul and I can’t count the number of “U-Haul Sucks” websites out there. This comment by “Don,” which I felt warranted a spotlight, captures the U-Haul experience perfectly.

I am a military, retiree, disabled as a result of military conflict. My doctors recommended I move to warmer weather because my disabilities worsened in my hometown (New York City). I chose a small beach town in Florida and rented a truck from U-Haul to make the move. That was 3-weeks ago and I still have nightmares and feel angry because U-Haul violated everything I believe in by subjecting me to the worst businesses practices I have ever encountered.

Any military and civilian person who has moved as often as I had to can attest to the fact that anything can and will go wrong on moving day. But what U-Haul did to me is purely un-American. They did not have a truck for me even though I had made a reservation 45-days in advance and had told them that I was disabled and had to hire help on moving day. I paid for movers I was unable to use, and when they finally gave me a truck at 2PM that day, they gave me their largest truck (with 227,000 miles on the odometer), which could go no faster than 45 mph, and consumed gas at the rate of 5-miles per gallon. I had to vacate the premises by noon that day or pay $2485 for violating my lease and be subjected to legal action from the person scheduled to move-in the same day at midnight. As such, my furniture sat in the corner of a New York City street while I tried frantically to appeal to U-Haul to please help me get a truck.

I called U-Haul several times on my way down to Florida because once I left the city, the truck developed too many problems and it was unsafe to drive. Every person I talked to was rude and they would hang-up the phone whenever I told them my name and situation. We drove as far as Virgina, where State Troopers pulled me off the road and said I was driving a hazardous piece of equioment…and to have U-Haul come tow it. I called them and explained my situation, but they hung-up the phone. The trooper called from his phone and they sent a tow truck. When the trooper left, the tow truck asked me to follow him. Two exits down the highway, he told me that his job was to escort me out of that county and to wish me a safe trip. I was left on the side of the highway at 5PM and I was too tired to continue a battle I could never win. My driver was exhausted from trying to keep the truck on the road, so we stayed at that exit and crawled to a hotel and stayed for the night. The next day they said they were not sending anyone out to check the truck and that if I left it there, they would sue me for abandoning their equipment. At 40mph I finally made it to my destination several days later.

U-Haul employees at all levels are nice when they take your reservation: they start treating you as a non-person once they procure two credit card numbers and non-refundable charges are made to your card. A reservation and confirmation number mean nothing: as the regional officer manager told me, “You are welcome to send me your confirmation number on a piece of toilet paper I can use to wipe my a$$***e. I bought their “Safe Move” insurance, but collected nothing because they say that I ultimately made it to my destination alive and there was no basis for a claim! When I returned the truck they continued to be rude. They were so abusive I had to call the police to leave one of their operating locations. There is a police report on file as the officers who responded to my call believed that the “brother” of a U-Haul employee threatened me with bodily harm within the U-Haul facility, and they were sure he intended to hurt me before I left the premises. Now I have this case pending in court as the officers asked me to please file charges and not let the individual get away with it. As I was leaving the facility, one of their empoyees yelled that I had to bring the cops because I was a scared “faggot.” The cops ended their yelling, but that is hardly a way to treat anyone who has done you no harm.

If you love yourself and trust in good, hardworking principles, please do not rent from U-Haul. They did everything in their power to make my move a living hell. I am not a cry-baby, and as I said, I expected things to go wrong. I have been to wars and conflicts and I know that life is not fair. I would always expect any business to make as much money as possible to maximize their profit, but I do not see why U-Haul employees at all levels feel the need to disrespect people at will. I never once asked for anything special in return for my military service: I did what I wanted to do with my life and I must live with the consequences of a decision I made when I was 18-years old. Regardless, I would have enjoyed basic courtesy from the people who work at U-Haul. They are un-American and if you can refrain from using them, please do yourself that favor.

I am sure there are good, hardowrking people associated with this company, and I am truly sorry that I had to bad-mouth U-Haul in general. Whoever such good people are, I am sorry that I did not have the pleasure of meeting you.

Thank you for reading this.


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57 Responses to “Don’t Rent U-Haul Trucks, Read Why”

  1. Amanda says:

    Yes! I have also had many woes with U-Haul – you are always charged more than anticipated in the end and once they forgot my reservation entirely!

  2. mapgirl says:

    ah… yet another U-Haul sucks experience. For in-town moves, rent a large Ford cargo van. It fits about the same amout, rents for a little more per day, but at least you can rent it for more than 24 hours on the weekends during peak moving season.

    I have moved X-C twice. I can’t tell you guys how well UPS Hundredweight service worked for me on my last X-C move, since I had to furniture. Just pack your stuff well.

  3. mapgirl says:

    Whoops. I meant to say that ‘I had no furniture.’

  4. wtf says:

    Horrific story. The repeated references to military service are wholly unnecessary, however, and I’ll spare you my thoughts regarding nonsensical labels such as “un-American”. Everyone, equally, deserves to be treated better.

  5. steve says:

    The moving industry in general is one of the most horrifically unregulated business in the U.S. and so I am not surprised in this. I encourage everyone reading here to make themselves aware of the pitfalls of this industry before they or any of their loved ones is subjected to any pain. Check out, which is a great start in the education process.

  6. Cassie says:

    Granted, it seems u-haul sucks and behaved poorly. However, for someone who has moved often and realizes things go wrong, how bright is it to move on the very last day, practically the last minute you can be in a place? If you are aware things go wrong, you should allow for that in your timing of your move. Also, no details are provided re the problems of the , admittedly wrongly provided size, truck. What drove the troopers to ID it as a “hazardous piece of equioment”. Too vague. Also hard to believe the comment re toilet paper.

    • Anon says:

      Agreed..Hard to believe ANYONE being a regional manager would say that. Ive seen an Marketing Comp. Pres. issue a VIP Cert. for there being 2 quarter size pieces of sheetrock in the back of a truck. Doubt someone would make that toilet paper comment at their level.

  7. Anon says:

    I simply don’t understand why people are so cheap and fall for U-Haul’s tricks. It’s a well known fact that is light years beyond UH in quality of service and trucks, while pricing is competitive. It doesn’t take more than some Web searches to find out who’s who in the moving industry.

  8. jim says:

    Anon – While that may be true if you’ve moved a lot, I had no idea when I went to move. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think it made a difference because I was simply renting a truck. Is there a difference between Enterprise, Avis, etc? Maybe some minute differences but on the whole not much. So I don’t know if it’s a well known fact (I wish I knew!) which truck rental service is better… plus truck rental isn’t something that comes up in conversation unless someone is complaining about U-Haul. 🙂

  9. Bud says:

    I used Budget to move across country and would recommend them again to anyone in a sec. I checked online sites and their pricing was the best. I then called and they reduced it more based on AAA or something else. Granted my truck wasn’t at the designated site, and I did have to drive about 20 miles out of my way. They gave me an extra day for my destination. I had a larger truck with dual rear tires. One of the tires blew in Ne, in late Nov after a snow storm so it was cold, windy and late. We stopped about one hour from Omaha at a dive of a hotel, what an experience in itself. I called the 800 number and they said it will take over an hour for a repair man to show up. I recommended they replace all four back tires. About two hours later they guy showed up about 2:00 AM and changed all four tires, I did not have to sign or anything. I drove the other 11 hours the next day without a hitch and turned the truck in without a problem. I paid cash and the receiving location wrote a check out and end of story. Budget was the best.

  10. Tim MMF says:

    I’ve used U-Haul many times and I’ve never had a problem. I have a hard time believing that a veteran would call someone un-American regardless of how horrible the service was. However, if that scenario is true then it’s sad a company would employ people who treat customers so poorly, especially a veteran.

  11. denon says:

    I’ve never had an issue with U-Haul either. I’ve only had a few experiences with them, but never anything too negative. I’m not sure I see anything “un-american” in that story – were they burning the flag or something? I’m sorry to hear of his bad experience, but it seems like stories written to be dramatized like this are better suited to email forwards..

    Fwiw, when dealing with a new company, I like to call up their post-sales folks (whether it b tech support or customer service), and vaguely ask, for example, “I’m running a little late, what would happen if I bring the truck in a couple days late.. “. You don’t have to lie, just suggest the situation, then you can explain “oh, well I haven’t rented it yet .. just running late in my scheduling.” That initial reaction to your question will answer a lot about the future experiences you may be in for.

  12. STEVE says:

    I read your letter and to be honest it appears to be total lies .. or probaley a kernel of truth wrapped in lies . No group has all bad employees .and your repeated refrences as to your disabled verteran status and your unamerican statement .. I am veteran A former marine and I have been shot at for my country no true veteran waves the flag around and wraps himself in it because he was wronged by a rental company he loves that flag and what it means so much . you make it seem like the million American service personal who have died in our 250 year history were shamed by what happened to you . And as to your being hung up on you probaly started yelling at everyone then got upset when they refused to hear your ravings, but on the plus side the chelesea location in Manhatten is the worse run in America I Have seen evidence of there crooked acts .

    [Edited to remove all caps, nothing else modified.]

  13. Lorrayne says:

    I am sorry to hear your experience with U-Haul was less than acceptable. As a volunteer for the USAR, in the capacity of Family Readiness, I have to say U-Haul has been very generous with supporting the Soldiers as well as the Veteran Community in NY, NJ and especailly with our Support missions on Staten Island. Personally, I would have written directly to U-Haul – there are good and bad employees everywhere – and until light is shed onto the proper people – changes cannot be made. By the way, Thank you for yor service to the mission of America.

  14. Anna says:

    Sorry but ‘less than acceptable” is an understatement.Im glad they help soldiers,veterans,etc. But we,the customers are providing uhaul the means in which to do this. And they are horrible to deal with!
    We dealt with Bryon in Wichita Kansas.He was the most rude,unhelpful agent I have ever dealt with in my life,and I am in my 50s.We reserved our uhaul on thursday and will be canceling our order today(friday).
    I have learned much from uhaul.24hrs,in our world is just that,24hrs.But in the uhaul world,24hrs is whatever they determine it should be.In our case 24hrs equaled 8hrs.And by the way,each agent makes up his own rules,so you might be able to find a good one if you keep looking.But usually a person does not have the time to call all over the state looking for one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jim is absolutely correct, the pompous attitude that it is “all lies” or “dramatized” is part of the reason U-Haul continues to get away with the abuse, the overcharging, inability to hold a reservation, and deathtrap vehicles. I had a similar experience with a local move, now we are planning a very large move and I’m very angry because the only choice for the areas I am moving from/to is U-Haul, and I’m TERRIFIED. So the abuse … the truck breaking down … BELIEVE IT, how vague the description depends on how much in denial the reader may be, I’m not risking the safety of my family or even my belongings for that matter.
    PS. when we had our problem with U-Haul, the truck wasn’t there, the little truck they had was deadly, we had to make two trips and got that 24hrs is only 8 hours and a big giant f*** U from some dirty old man who claimed we imagined the reservation. Over charged us and yelled at us, OH YES! After a dozen calls including a report to the BBB someone in a UHAUL call centre somewhere said she would deal with it, I called my Credit Card Company and got a refund for the overcharged amount (no thanx to UHAUL) but weeks later we drove by the Rental Location and it was SHUT DOWN, I just can’t trust this company and I have to believe the horror stories even though I’d rather be able to look the other away and accept it.

  16. Derek says:

    After reading this, I will go with Budget.

  17. Saul says:

    U-Haul in Manchester, CT, claimed to have a reservation for us for September 1 (made a couple of weeks in advance). Then when I called the night before from New Haven, they said the reservation must have been transferred to another location. Note that I had to call them. They didn’t call me with the information. I had relatives who had arranged to meet me at 8am the next morning to load the truck. U-Haul assured me that I would certainly have a truck and that the new location would call me that night. They never called. I had to call them… over and over again. The relatives came and went. Finally, at 3pm the day I was supposed to be moving, while I was still waiting for U-Haul’s call, I called Budget. I had a truck within fifteen minutes and I made it back to New Haven, where I had to clear out my storage space at THEIR U-Haul just in time for the 7pm closing. I was lucky I called Budget when I did. All U-Haul did was give me a $20 gift certificate for my trouble (as if I’d ever use them again) and that was only after I wrote to the BBB about them. I will only use and recommend Budget from now on.

  18. Chrissy Rae says:

    I for one understand where everyone is coming from but see where I’m different is I rented from U-Haul was treated like a princess! Just because you have bad experience w/ one U-Haul u shouldnt bad mouth all of u-haul some of them are actually privately owned they subcontracr from u-haul I just want to say I LOVE U-HAUL and will continue to refer people to them ans use them. GO U-HAUL

  19. Sandy from Michigan says:

    My son in law expierenced a similar situation of being stranded off the interstate for three days because it took that long to replace the broken down truck….not to mention, moving everything out of one truck and into another, which also had problems….being on the cel phone constantly, and still has not resolved the situation regarding the bill. What a lousy company. Corporate wise, they are responsible for their subcontractors, as well as their company trucks.
    Mc Donald’s does not own all their restaurants, but if someone were to get ill from the food they would not just tell you it’s not their problem. Hang up on you, or not get to your problem for three days. WHY? Because McDonalds has corporate responsibility.
    U Haul has none…. Besides…. what is with them not renting trailers to FORD owners. Just try to use their site and put in the towing vehicle as a Ford…. you are cut off from that point on. Not some specific Ford model…, ALL FORDS.
    I own a Ford 1500, with the Triton motor… I tow a thirty foot travel trailer…no problem, but U haul won’t let me tow a 8 foot trailer? HA !
    U haul is for fools.

  20. Bruce Dunbridge says:

    My experience with U-Haul has been decidedly negative and rather costly. I rented a truck for a local move but planned to drop it off after hours at another location a few hours away (I was told I could do this). When I received my credit card bill a month later, there was a $450 charge from the U-Haul franchise where I had dropped off the truck. When I called the franchise to inquire about the charge, they told me there was a large scratch on the side of the truck that had not been noted on the damage form I filled out when I picked the truck up. I informed them that I was the sole driver of the truck and there had been no contact whatsoever that might have accounted for the scratch; moreover, I contended it could have occurred after hours, as I had to leave the truck on the street, as there was no off-street parking for returned trucks. I asked why I had not been notified of the damage and subsequent charge right away so I could see it for myself, and whether there was photographic evidence of the damage. I was told the asst. mgr. took a picture with his cellphone(!) but the picture was no longer in his phone (naturally) and their policy did not require that I be contacted. I contacted U-Haul national right away and was told I would receive a response to my complaint within 5 days. That was 6 weeks ago and I have not received a reply yet. I am about to send my second letter to U-Haul but I’m not holding my breath. Poor business practices, indeed! If I were a lawyer, I would initiate a class-action lawsuit in regards to the practice of billing for damages the customer has no opportunity to verify himself.

  21. Mel Swanson says:

    U-Haul, worst of the worst. Reserved truck was not what I reserved. Too small for the load, so I had to give away part of our household goods to the neighbors. A day behind schedule for our move from Yuma, AZ to Ft Worth, TX, because the truck overheated in our driveway. Not repaired until late pm. Three mechanical issues during trip which included brakes and no air conditioner. Two miles from our destination in Texas the cops pulled us over. The damn truck was on fire. Fuel had leaked onto the hot manafold. The police put out the fire. A little damage to the engine compartment but no damage to our things. True frustrations did not realy start until I tried to get redress from the U-Fall corporate office. They have a well designed system which insulates the bosses from dealing with the outraged customers. Having spent a life time in the Army I have esperiance with customer service in communist countries. And, that is where U-Fall belongs.

  22. Ed Smith says:

    If you don’t like U Haul in general, don’t ever, absolutely never go to the UHaul on Canyon Drive in Amarillo Texas!!! They are rudest jerks ever. Service is definitely not their way of doing business. They threatened us. They told us they were going to call the police on us. My story is nothing like the people that have been killed by their rentals or that have had their entire belongings ruined, but they were rude and unreasonable and we had done everything they had asked us to do by their book and they still treated us terrible. Over my 60 years, I have learned that you have a choice where you spend your money, and UHaul shouldn’t be your choice.

  23. Mark and Jacqueline Haack says:

    Well folks watch your credit card statements carefully! even months after you have rented from U-HAUL !! We rented a truck for a local move wich was fine we took the truck back our credit card was charged ! Great no problem then 2 1/2 months later there was a charge on our card from a different U-Haul location for $454.72 I called the credit card company right away and they called the U-Haul company and they said the the card was actualy slid ! no way was our card slid so the credit card asked for the reciept . It finally came and they had our original contract from Palmdale ! then they had another contract from a lancaster Facility with a different contract number and 2 1/2 months later that said we caused damage to the spedo !!!!! two and a half months later they are going to charge my card there was noway i was going to let them get away with that. It took me 2 months and alot of phone calls but the charges were taken off !!! by my charge card company not the U-HAUL company they were no help!!!Better Business Buero siad it was unethical but i had to get a hold of Arizona bbb so I will file a complaint and also with the Consumer affairs. I am not done with U-HAUL yet!!!!!!!JUST BEWARE PEOPLE!!! CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS EVERY MONTH FOREVER!!! U-HAUL HAS THE NUMBER AND WILL USE IT.

  24. G. Owens says:

    Thanks for the heads up.I’ll go to Budget or Thrifty.

  25. Robert says:

    Maybe it is different in other areas of the country, but at least here in Iowa it seems that U-Haul is literally half the price of Budget. So even if the service was horrible (and really, from the couple of times I have used them it seemed fine to me) saving yourself that much money might be worth some hassle. Note I said “some.”

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