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Don’t Rent U-Haul Trucks, Read Why

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After a ridiculously awful experience with U-Haul truck rentals, I blogged about why I hate U-Haul and the response was stunning. Of the twenty or so accounts from people done horribly wrong by U-Haul, not a single one was a positive experience. No one came to the defense of U-Haul and I can’t count the number of “U-Haul Sucks” websites out there. This comment by “Don,” which I felt warranted a spotlight, captures the U-Haul experience perfectly.

I am a military, retiree, disabled as a result of military conflict. My doctors recommended I move to warmer weather because my disabilities worsened in my hometown (New York City). I chose a small beach town in Florida and rented a truck from U-Haul to make the move. That was 3-weeks ago and I still have nightmares and feel angry because U-Haul violated everything I believe in by subjecting me to the worst businesses practices I have ever encountered.

Any military and civilian person who has moved as often as I had to can attest to the fact that anything can and will go wrong on moving day. But what U-Haul did to me is purely un-American. They did not have a truck for me even though I had made a reservation 45-days in advance and had told them that I was disabled and had to hire help on moving day. I paid for movers I was unable to use, and when they finally gave me a truck at 2PM that day, they gave me their largest truck (with 227,000 miles on the odometer), which could go no faster than 45 mph, and consumed gas at the rate of 5-miles per gallon. I had to vacate the premises by noon that day or pay $2485 for violating my lease and be subjected to legal action from the person scheduled to move-in the same day at midnight. As such, my furniture sat in the corner of a New York City street while I tried frantically to appeal to U-Haul to please help me get a truck.

I called U-Haul several times on my way down to Florida because once I left the city, the truck developed too many problems and it was unsafe to drive. Every person I talked to was rude and they would hang-up the phone whenever I told them my name and situation. We drove as far as Virgina, where State Troopers pulled me off the road and said I was driving a hazardous piece of equioment…and to have U-Haul come tow it. I called them and explained my situation, but they hung-up the phone. The trooper called from his phone and they sent a tow truck. When the trooper left, the tow truck asked me to follow him. Two exits down the highway, he told me that his job was to escort me out of that county and to wish me a safe trip. I was left on the side of the highway at 5PM and I was too tired to continue a battle I could never win. My driver was exhausted from trying to keep the truck on the road, so we stayed at that exit and crawled to a hotel and stayed for the night. The next day they said they were not sending anyone out to check the truck and that if I left it there, they would sue me for abandoning their equipment. At 40mph I finally made it to my destination several days later.

U-Haul employees at all levels are nice when they take your reservation: they start treating you as a non-person once they procure two credit card numbers and non-refundable charges are made to your card. A reservation and confirmation number mean nothing: as the regional officer manager told me, “You are welcome to send me your confirmation number on a piece of toilet paper I can use to wipe my a$$***e. I bought their “Safe Move” insurance, but collected nothing because they say that I ultimately made it to my destination alive and there was no basis for a claim! When I returned the truck they continued to be rude. They were so abusive I had to call the police to leave one of their operating locations. There is a police report on file as the officers who responded to my call believed that the “brother” of a U-Haul employee threatened me with bodily harm within the U-Haul facility, and they were sure he intended to hurt me before I left the premises. Now I have this case pending in court as the officers asked me to please file charges and not let the individual get away with it. As I was leaving the facility, one of their empoyees yelled that I had to bring the cops because I was a scared “faggot.” The cops ended their yelling, but that is hardly a way to treat anyone who has done you no harm.

If you love yourself and trust in good, hardworking principles, please do not rent from U-Haul. They did everything in their power to make my move a living hell. I am not a cry-baby, and as I said, I expected things to go wrong. I have been to wars and conflicts and I know that life is not fair. I would always expect any business to make as much money as possible to maximize their profit, but I do not see why U-Haul employees at all levels feel the need to disrespect people at will. I never once asked for anything special in return for my military service: I did what I wanted to do with my life and I must live with the consequences of a decision I made when I was 18-years old. Regardless, I would have enjoyed basic courtesy from the people who work at U-Haul. They are un-American and if you can refrain from using them, please do yourself that favor.

I am sure there are good, hardowrking people associated with this company, and I am truly sorry that I had to bad-mouth U-Haul in general. Whoever such good people are, I am sorry that I did not have the pleasure of meeting you.

Thank you for reading this.


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57 Responses to “Don’t Rent U-Haul Trucks, Read Why”

  1. Mike says:

    This might interest you.
    The CEO of U-haul gave out his cell phone number last night on an episode of Inside Edition, inviting consumers to call with complaints or questions. Joe Shoen explained saying, “People can’t get this organization to behave, I can.” That number is 602-390-6525.

  2. Judy Livingston says:

    I wish I had found this web site a couple of years ago.

    After renting a U-Haul truck on 3 occasions & putting up a cash deposit & reserving a time to pick the truck up, I was waited on by Tony Castro in Houston, TX. I showed him my TDL & receipt for my deposit. He then wanted to see a copy of my domicile lease, which of course I didn’t have. He then wanted to see my Green Card, which of course I don’t have because I don’t need a Green Card. My voter registration wasn’t good enough. And by the way, I am a white, natural born American citizen.

    Anyway, after several of his stupid requests, I told him, I said something (I don’t remember what) & he asked if I was threatening him and I proceeded to tell him, “no, I’m just telling you that you don’t don’t know what the hell you’re doing.”

    Anyway, I rented th truck & tried to report him to no avail. So it feels good to finally vent my disgust at Tont Castro of U-Haul Truck Rental.

  3. John says:

    NEVER do business with UHaul at 3138 Atlanta Hwy in Montgomery, Alabama. The guy was rude then refused to accept the traier when I took issue with him. The location on Norman Bridge Rd. in Montgomery was such a shady looking place I kept on going. I found the young woman at the Mobile Hwy location in Montgomery to be friendly and helpful. Otherwise, my UHaul experience has been a nightmare!

  4. jim hayes says:

    Several years ago I had a trailer hitch installed on a truck. Several weeks after the installation I rented a car carrier. I made it exactly 6 blocks and the trailer hitch fell off of the truck leaving the car carrier in the middle of the street with the hitch attached to it; not the truck. Uhaul allows individuals with NO experience to work on vehicles without regard for the danager of such practices.

    • jerry says:

      Jerry, i saw your uhaul post and you are exactly correct… I had a similiar expierience… I got a hitch for my ford pickup. The manager said it will be approx 1 hourto install. 3 hours later the hitch was still being worked on. Finally, 5 hours later, the hitch is completed and a week late, i hook up my bayliner boat and head for the lake. About 10 miles, i hear a loud “thud” and i went into the shoulder. The hitch was hanging down and boat was just about to fall off hitch. I called a buddy of mine who is a certified mechanic and he checked it out. He showed me 4 bolts that were snapped in half cause they were not the correct hardened steel bolts but aluminum bolts and the 2 steel bolts (1on each side all the way up on frame rail were the correct bolts but the nut was a metric nut on a SAE bolt and my friend said this needs to be adressed to the manager.after my friemd went to the hardware store to get the proper nuts/bolts, we went to uhaul and addressed the hitch pro. Seems like nuts and bolts come with the hardware kit for the particular hitch. The hitch pro said the box containing nuts and bolts was opened and they did not have the bolts on hand so, he found some old nuts and bolts laying around in the back (these were not the proper muts and bolts this is why it took so long to install. The guy even told me he is (was) a customer service repersentative and the normal hitch pro was sick so he figured he could install it. Never again will i do business with uhaul!!!!!!

  5. I too was ripped off by U Haul my daughter made a reservation without my knowing for a truck for 1 day 19.99. When I didnt pick it up because I didn’t know about this reservation they charged my checking account $50.00. I called them to let them know and their reply was “we could have your daughter arrested” or you can just pay the $50.00. I also tried to have it reversed through my bank due to my daughter using my debit card and they fought it tooth and nail. Never got back my $50.00.

    • Larry Brown says:

      With all due respect Dorothy it was your Daughter who ripped you off, not U-haul. I understand it is your daughter but you should have her arrested for stealing from you or made her pay you back,whichever was easier for you.

      P.S I’m not a U-haul worker and dont like the company but this is not U-hauls issue here.

  6. annon. says:

    I have had numerous bad experiences with the location on King George Hwy, in Surrey, BC. This location likes to treat you like you are idiots and now I have been E-alerted as well as anyone that is related to me, or my husband. for standing up for myself and him. Only one of my experiences was a good one at this location. They try to pick a fight with my husband whenever he has accompanied me to pick up a trailer or truck. It has gotten to the point where my husband waits in the car, so he doesn’t have to talk to them if not necessary. Anyways, on the last bad experience, my sister needed a trailer, and paid with her visa and arranged it over the phone and had stopped to give visual proof of visa card and left. I had phoned earlier, so they had my driver’s licence number and name, about the same trailer, and my husband was off work, so he said he would pick it up, and do what was needed and bring it back. In saying all that, the wrong size was ordered. my husband went in to get a different trailer, showed them his driver’s licence and they didn’t give it back, plus I had to phone for a credit later that day, because they also charged us for two different trailers that same day too, like I we can pull one trailer, behind the other like a train? He picked up the trailer, and all day, he didn’t have a driver’s licence and they couldn’t be bothered to phone him, even though they had contact info. So, when he returned the trailer with a friend, he did exactly what he was told to do, about 2-3 days prior, when we had done this exact same thing to use a trailer for something else. He took it off his vehicle, put it on the stand off to the side and a guy that worked at u-haul, told him he had to go back to the office and pay. My husband said it had been paid for by visa and he didn’t, he knew because of the other day when he rented. The guy started getting nasty with him that worked for U-haul and said to go inside, and followed him in. My husband said, it was paid by visa, and I already know, I don’t have to come in. At that point, there was a bit of a verbal disagreement, and my husband got mad, called them something and left. He also threatened that he was going to complain about the safety of their trucks. As we had rented one in previous years that the brakes that didn’t work properly and the steering wasn’t much better, but we had never gone to the authorities about it. Maybe we should have, but we just figured someone else would complain. On that occassion, we had had a bit of an altercation with a lady there that tried to prevoke my husband before he even opened his mouth. So we had decided then and there that there wasn’t any worth to complaining to them if their vehicle wasn’t safe, who would even listen to us as they know everything at that location.

    Anyways, on this incident with the trailer, they have now E-alerted myself, my husband, my sister for paying with her visa, and any relatives with our last names, and any friends associated with us from ever using U-haul. They had put on file the police were called. When I spoke to U-Haul, I explained, they were called to give my husband back his driver’s licence, nothing more and it was a non issue as far as anything else happening, but I was told by head office of U-haul, that the video camera took all the pictures and it was given to police, and there was an issue, which was a lie. Then I was told that I was on E-Alert, because my husband had complained about the truck safety and was going to report them to the DOT. I had also phoned to complain about the incident when it happened, and I am on file for being rude to the employee at head office, because I was upset when I called and let them know it and I was standing up for myself and my husband, and I never swore at them or anything, I just let them know I wasn’t happy with the situation, their rudeness and the fact that they charged us for 2 trailers that same day. They seem to forget that they can treat us like dog doo doo and it is ok, when we are the ones keeping them in business???? Paying their wages??????? I am getting this out there, because when I tried to rent a small trailer from them over the weekend, it came up with this e-alert at the Delta, BC location, and the staff were really nice, and very helpful, and the lady on the Friday night there told me she use to work at the King George Location and changed locations, because they were always abnoxious to the customers and she and her managers at the Delta location had also agreed to me that they had heard all kinds of horror stories about how badly they were treated at the King George, Surrey, BC Location. So it isn’t just me obviously, and it seems like they can get away with this, because they are. Anyways, don’t give them your business, if you can rent from another other company do so, or failing all else, don’t deal with the ones on King George Hwy. in Surrey, BC, close to the Patullo Bridge. I am now waiting for the police to talk to me again, to see what can be done by them. I don’t hold much hope, as they are only police, so U-Haul doesn’t have to believe them either, right?

  7. WWW says:

    U-Haul as a company supports many DAV programs, so I being a Vet myself and who has used Uhaul in more than one FL location am in awe of your story, It is hard to believe that one person would be treated so badly and others are ok with the services, As for a one way truck having 220,000 miles is laughable all the one ways I rented were less than 100,000 miles. If you story is true then I hope those responsible loose their jobs and you are reimbursed for your time and trouble

  8. Steven says:

    U-Haul needs to be renamed U-Hell. They will do everything to make your moving day as horrific as possible.

  9. David says:

    One comment stated something to the effect of “…why did he wait to the last minute to move…etc” He reserved 45 days in advance. THAT is not “last minute”. Must be a UHAUL employee. (by the way, I am one, too) I worked as a mechanic at a UHAUL center and it sucked. I was promised the world, but got the shaft. My toolbox cost me $4,000 and after a few weeks they moved me outside to work. In the rain. In winter. Snow. Cold. A one inch drop from inside shop to outside. A huge HEAVY toolbox. The shop manager was a kid (appx. 27 years old). His Mommy brought him his lunch everyday, bringing his doggie, too. A mean agressive dog. Would bark and lunge at you if you walked by. They did nothing. Thought it was funny, I guess. I ended up quitting (giving a 2 week notice) over this snot-nosed Mama’s boy. He ended up getting fired (maybe complaining to the big-wigs at UHAUL helped…I hope) Many other UHAUL horror stories. I now work at a small rental yard that also rents UHAUL. We are nice, not rude. Three of us here. Mayberry type town. I do not like UHAUL and it’s poor way of handling it’s customers. The big-wigs at UHAUL headquarters in Arizona are greedy thieves. Rent elsewhere. A reservation does not mean you will have one waiting for you. Not us, though. You WILL have one ready. Thanks.

  10. Leigh says:

    As I wrote on the blog earlier, I had trouble with Uhaul, but nothing this horrible. However, after reading this, I did cancel my current reservation and called Penske. They were MUCH cheaper and MUCH nicer. I WILL NEVER USE UHAUL again. I am disheartened by the way Don was treated. Not only by Uhaul, but by the person sent to tow his truck.

  11. robert wilson says:

    I call you guys and wont 660.00 for a 10 feet truck one way and I call buget and they told me 389.00 and thats with tax.Hey u-haul beat that price,go to ky from,St,augustine fla 32080,,,,,,,,,,home phone 904-217-3803 or cell 859-644-7478.I also took a u-haul down here for 445.00 with tax.Let me know someand ill call budget and take there truck. Robert Wilson

  12. lee says:

    don’t rent u-haul because when you returnd your truck in on time and they still say you have turn in late, but when call their phone number and the operator say the number was disconected U-haul rental are nothing but a whole bunch of a lair.

  13. joeshoen says:

    I work for uhaul and u people are retarded…

    19.99 – 24 hours
    -79 cents a mile
    -14.00 insurance

    if you are paying “MORE THAN ANTICIPATED” when you return your truck its cause your fatass drove the truck more than expected. uhaul has no control over how far ur fatasses drive and stop bitching about gas levels and fill it to the right fucking line

    • mr. magoo says:

      Uhaul customers are retarded and can’t read what they sign. It’s like they have no common sense. If it was $19.95/day with unlimited miles who would buy a pickup anymore.

    • nieshar says:

      Everybody here is a living proof of how obnoxious and rude Uhaul workers are!!!! You represent your company well huh???? Smh… just proved everybody who is complaining right my dear

    • Me says:

      You are half of the problem. I work at an independent dealer and while customers may drive a truck more than expected or not refuel properly and complain about it, your attitude in response only reinforces the point that the blog poster attempted to get accross. Although I don’t believe Don’s story whatsoever, because I have seen first hand that UHaul’s response to break-downs is never what he described. Furthermore, I would normally say that these quotations are probably embelished at least to some extent, but you had to go and post something like this.

      • Keith says:

        me… in case you didnt notice that persons name was Joe Shoen which is a pretty important person at u-haul… i can guarantee you that was just someone being a smart a**.

    • Mandee says:

      I work for U-Haul as well and I am insulted by the way you have responded. This is the exact reason people don’t like us and it is because of your ignorance. I have been around U-Haul since I have been in diapers. My dad has worked for them for nearly 40 years. My brother,sister and I work for U-Haul as well. I understand how U-Haul isn’t perfect and I am not going to make excuses for them, but we SHOULD NOT have employees like you. You make me embarrassed to be a U-Haul employee.

  14. Bob Tatum says:

    Had a junk truck that leaked fuel to no avail. No amount of calling U haul helped. I now rent Penske

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have always rented a uhaul while on active duty in the Air Force and I have NEVER had an issue with them. My trucks were always ready and filled upon pick up. Most times they would allow me an extra day if needed without charging. For me I think its a matter of your own personality on how you treat people as to why you have such horrible experiences. I ONLY rent uhaul. I was never charged the price quoted….it was always a better deal and if another company had it less they matched the price.

  16. Alex says:

    The military guy is exaggerating. Why would you only give yourself like 4 hours to move out of your house before you are kicked out and given a fine? I mean you could have picked up the truck a day early and then scheduled movers when you have the equipment.

    If you reserve a truck on a Saturday end of the month odds are that something will go wrong since everyone is reserving trucks on that day. People sometimes don’t return on time and it creates a snowball effect of problems. One of you could rent a truck and then something comes up and you have to keep it an extra day. By doing that you are screwing over the next customer. U-Haul gets yelled at by the first person who had a reservation.

    A truck is going to get 5mpg when you are towing a car behind it and you have 10-15 thousand pounds of weight in the back. It’s a v-8 motor not a Honda Civic.

    We also get customers that rent a truck on full they drive 15 miles and the needle doesn’t move so they don’t put gas in. Then the next customer comes in rents the truck drives only 4 miles yet he had to put 5 gallons in. This customer will come and complain to us or write these kind of reviews online.

    Cars and trucks break all the time when they are going cross country this is unfortunately statistics. Your U-Haul will break down just as often as your Chevy Impala or F-150. LIFE HAPPENs

    Lastly, most of the issues with our trucks is customer mistreating them and abusing them. They are scheduled so tightly that sometimes we only have a 20-30 minutes between rentals, if the customer before messed something up they will usually not say anything and walk away. It is left for the next person to deal with it.

    Having a uhaul is a great convenience, what else would people do without rental trucks, you would overpay by thousands of dollars. U-Haul trucks have gotten better and newer over the years. All these negative reviews are like 0.0001% of U-Haul experience, if you have a good experience you wont write about it but if you have a supposed bad one then you will infect the internet with your herpes like comments.

    There is a reason why U-Haul is number 1, we provide convenience and cheap prices for people to move their stuff.

  17. adam says:

    that was my first time renting a uhaul and the last time my friend need to move he doesnt have a driver liscense and me and him we went to u haul to rent a track , the guy who work there he told me he have only one truck left for rent,he charged me (56.49$)for the transaction and he said the keys is inside the track when we went inside it was no keys inside it ,we went back to him he said look good again ,one more time we went back to him then he looked by himself and he didnt found any keys in the truck ,and he had to cancel the transaction and he asked (he is co worker to bring him another u haul van ) he was lying because he was hiding the uhaul van and then he rented to us for (49.21$)and i tought everything went smooth but when i cheked my credit card statement he charged me for the( 56.49$)i was so mad because we paid twice ,so i went back to him next day and guess what he told me , he said that i paid with the credit card so i showed him the 3 receipt the one for 56.49 and the one for the cancellation and the one for 49.21 and finally he gave me a refund, he didnt apologize or even said good morning back to me and i tought everything is ok now ,but i called u haul to make sure that he did refund me the 56.49 she said he didnt and she called me a liar even i do have the last refund receipt and i m still waiting to get my refund , please save yourself from trouble dont rent a uhaul because 1 bad service 2 bad customer service u haul sucks

  18. jerry says:

    i omce worked for uhaul and i quit after my manager told me to lie to customers for their business. We had several trucks, some had brake problems, some should never have been on the road. The manager must make monthly truck rental sales quotas, otherwise he/she loses their jobs. My mamager told me to give this truck (that had hardly had brakes) a quick wash cause he is renting it out to help him make his quota. He knew and i even re-informed him the truck is not safe due to bad brakes. The manager said, “i don’t give a f*ck, its ther problem”. I said what if someone dies???? He saod it’s their f*cking problem, not mine. As far as i am concerned, the truck os good. I reported it to the area manager and he told me to fix it. O told him i am not a qualified brake mechanic and this was beyond my expertise. He said for me to keep my mouth shut and when the truck gets to its designation (1,300 miles away) then they can fox it on their end as we are not going to spend funds from our store to fix it. I told hom this fily is going to be droving 1300 miles in a loaded 26 ft truck woth hardly any brakes. He wasore obsessed with completing the sale rather than customer safety. Thos made me so mad and frustrated and there is nothing i could do other than quit. Also their hiring practices are racist against african americans. We were 2 workers short and looking for workers. A black guy shows up and they said were not hiring right now and when the black guy walled off the manager along with 3 other white coworkers said,” lazy, stupid nigger can look for work elsewhere, but not here”. I am white and i felt ashamed. A white guy later shows up and he gets interviewed and gets the job. U haul also has a training video talking about transmission coolers for heavy towing. In this video it even states that most new trucks come with the factory tow package and will probably already have a factory installed cooler that the customer is unaware of, but dont tell the customer and try to get them to buy a transmission cooler amyways and just slap it on behind the existing transmission cooler. Bottom line – uhaul cares more about profit than customer safety. They discriminate against blacks (they hire just enough blacks to make ot appear they are not predjudiced) tjey also lie to sell you acessories you dont need and i also forgot , uhaul sells bottled water and the proceeds are supposed to go to the wounded warrior project, the manager, area managers pocket the money and spend it on beer or whatever.???? not all the money gets to the wounded warrior project, this makes uhaul appear that they support wounded vets, when they actually screw them. Uhaul is a shitty company and should be shut down. I quit because of their shady business practices.

    • Keith says:

      just so you know… if a vehicle already has a factory trans cooler on it… its used for normal driving conditions. if you intend on towing when it came with a factory cooler you do need an additional cooler.

  19. Ken says:

    U-haul has been a bane to me for many years. The problem with where I live is…there us no one else. I once agreed to help move a friend, with my truck and rent a trailer from u-haul. Made the reservation 2 weeks in advance. Confirmed the reservation a few days in advance. Reconfirmed the reservation the morning of the move. The employee told me he had “…just finished inspecting the trailer myself and it is ready to go.” I was enroute to uhaul at the time of thay call. Literally 6 mins later Im standing in front of the counter speaking with “John Doe, Uhaul employee”, the same from the phone call, and being told I never had a reservation and there was no trailer available. I could rent one of the large trucks for my move if I wanted. This would require we also rent a tow dolly for her car because now we have 3 vehicles to drive. What was I to do? My friend is waiting, her place is no longer her place. Her rent for the new place is about to be spent on her old place. I took the truck, went to get her and her stuff, I drove the uhaul and she drove my truck…pulling a car behind it…something she had never done and was doing alone for the first time.

  20. Penny Wiltz says:

    took Uhaul four installations of new electrical harnesses to finally get it right. They had to install the most expensive harness set in order to be compatible with my computers. First installation, wires not secured in engine compartment so got hot and burnt through wire insulation. Had live wire bouncing around. Second time , minor upgrade but that failed too. Third time, wires at back end were bundled together and wrapped in electrical tape, shorted. Finally got an installer who did final upgrade. Have used once…about to try again but before trip will have u haul check to see if functioning. Suggest to all attending this site…rent trucks from Budget. History of better maintainence, unlimited miles,Diesel engines. Had a Budget 24 foot truck,drove 300+ miles, got 10 mpg. Uhaul of similiar size only 5-7 mph gasoline.

  21. lori miller says:


  22. CTW and KB says:

    To whom it may concern in U-Haul Management (we hope you guys can read):

    We will take every opportunity to dissuade anyone we know – family and friends – from using U-Haul services whenever they need to move, given the lack of customer service we received in our recently completed move from Louisburg, North Carolina, to Columbus, Montana.

    We requested a quote from the Louisburg U-Haul manager for the rental of a 26-foot truck for a 2-week period, beginning on September 27, 2013, for our move. The manager provided us with a quote for $1,975.00. He did not provide us any additional information. (Please, note that this was our first time renting anything from U-Haul.)

    After a relatively pleasant and safe drive cross-country, we drove from Columbus to the Joliet, Montana, U-Haul office, to turn in the truck on October 15, a few minutes after 12:00 PM, and 4 days past what we believed our 2-week contract covered.

    In charge of the Joliet office was a young woman; she was alone and to our frustration she did not know how to close a contract that ran several days. (The manager was not in the office at the time; he finally showed up two hours later.)

    When the manager got there, we finally learned what the Louisburg U-Haul manager neglected to inform us, that U-Haul only offers 1-week-long contracts, so the $1,975.00 quote he gave us was for 1 week and not 2 as we requested, a hell of a difference. We also learned that the daily rate, including insurance, would cost us $54.00 a day. Not one word of these absolutely required bits of information was ever uttered to us by anyone at U-Haul.

    So, our complaint is simple: You have people working in your company who are ill-trained to take care of customers. In our case, it occurred at both end of our move. At the start, we had a manager who failed to take the time to explain how a 2-week move works through your system, and at the other end, we encountered a totally clueless individual who needed the help of a manager to take the truck back. And even then, after the manager took over, he could not give us an owed total until the following day, because he, at that moment, “could not access the contract in the system.”

    If we ever have to move again, we will use Penske or some other outfit, but certainly not U-Haul.

  23. NS says:

    I had a very bad experience with Uhaul, will never rent them again.

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